How to earn from Appen? How do I get a job in Appen?

Appen-Work From Home. Appen Connect & Appen Global. How to earn money from Appen. How to earn from Appen? How do I get a job in Appen?
In this article, I will explain about How to earn money from Appen? How do I get a job in Appen?

How to earn from Appen? How do I get a job in Appen?

Nowadays many of us spend time doing online browsing go through social media & lot other kinds of stuff, apart from that you can start doing freelancing work for Appen.

Appen provides work from home jobs that pay $3 or more an hour. Let's make money online. You can just earn online sitting at home approximately $90 and more if you are involved with multiple projects. It is a kind of remote job where students especially can earn and manage their pocket money & other expenses.

What is Appen?

Appen is an Australian based company that is responsible for data improvement which is used for developing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Appen serves to the multiples of top technology companies. Their vision is to "improve every culture with language and research technology", which it satisfies by helping its customers grow their markets and modify their products to meet the needs of different cultures and languages.

Note: This company uses a pipeline recruitment process. This means that a single job can represent a considerable number of vacancies, potentially hiring hundreds or thousands of applicants for a single listing.

How to Apply in Appen? How to start earning from Appen?

> To start earning you have to register by visiting their website. It offers various kinds of remote jobs, just you need to go through there careers page. Select "Raters", there are more options available but for beginners I will recommend applying as "Raters", complete your registration process by uploading your CV & other basic information with government-issued ID.

Note: I have provided a direct link below to apply as Rater & to become an agent. After clicking on this link below you will be redirected directly to the apply section on Appen's website.

"Click Here To Apply"

> Apply for an Appen account after that select your country and language. A qualification exam must be taken and passed to be accepted as an independent agent. Once you pass the exam you will have access to projects.

> After completing the registration you will receive a confirmation email after your account gets approved. Once your account is approved you will have to apply for the project which will be displayed on their website after you log in to there career section. Check your mail regularly after you apply. As every detail & confirmation will be sent to you via mail.  

Appen Connect: What project to choose?

I worked on the Nile project it was recommended to me which is of Facebook, again you have to qualify for the project before you can start working, go through the basic guidelines it's very easy to qualify. Once you are qualified you can start earning. Regarding work everything will be mentioned there including work tutorials with video & guidelines after following it you will be easily able to start working.

Note: The project recommended is based on your profile it's up to them that what projects they will show on your profile. You have to go through the "All Projects" section in the agent portal. 

Also, you will get a chance to work on a particular project for 1 Year only after that you will be removed from the particular project then you have to apply for the new project as project involvement is based on a contract basis and they give chance to all new raters in place of you. If you don't perform well or work efficiently for a project then you will be removed from that project within 3-6 Months. So, give your best, Appen monitors the quality of your work, if you fail to maintain your work flow then chances are you will be removed from the existing projects. So, always do the tasks properly in a genuine way don't just skip the tasks or do it casually.  

For working in "Appen" basic requirements are you need to know how to surf the internet and the English language which is a must.

Below are some of the projects I was involved before and some on which I am currently working:

1. Nile. (Read More About the Nile Project Here).

2. Bane Curation.

3. Morgan.

4. Concho. [ This is a survey project on Facebook].

5. Clover Express. [ This is a survey project on Facebook]. 

6. Yukon. 

7. Armanda.

There are also other projects like Arrow & you will also find video or audio collection projects. There will be a lot of other projects once you log in you can check on your own & apply after checking the project requirements. I work 4-5 hours a day in some projects you have to give a minimum of 10 hours a week. All details will available there on the portal once you apply.

Appen also has multiple opportunities like search engine evaluators, social media evaluators, and much more. These jobs don't require any kind of prior experience, except for linguistic and translation roles. You will have to follow guidelines and rate the web pages etc. The pay rate differs according to different countries.

How Appen pays? and How much do you make with Appen?

You can earn up to $250 or above, It depends how much you are working with full effort, the more you work more you earn. I get very limited time to work so I earn up to $90 sometimes my earnings drop below $90 also. Working hours are very flexible. You can work on multiple projects at a time, invoices on "Appen" are manual & automatic it depends on your work.

Payouts are on a monthly basis, in the first week of a month you have to submit your previous month invoice, for more information you will be guided by them so nothing is tough here. Your payment will be sent via Payoneer international payment service to your bank account directly or through Paypal. 

Appen payment proofs 

Payments can take up to 1-2 weeks to reach to your bank accounts.

How to earn from Appen? Appen Payment Proof
My Feb 2020 Payment From Appen in Payoneer

How to earn from Appen? Appen Payment Proof
My Feb 2020 Payment From Appen via Payoneer to Paypal


I receive payments via Payoneer to my PayPal account. Once the money reaches my PayPal account then I transfer the funds to my bank account. 

You can also earn from Appen via referrals, just share your referral link to your friends & family & let them meet the minimum criteria & after that, you will get a $25 bonus added on your invoice.

Appen Connect & Appen Global

Appen Global is being shifted over to Appen Connect. Connect is the portal where you can apply for rating jobs like Search engine evaluator, Social media evaluator, etc. You have to go through the Raters section of their website to get accepted as a search engine rater.

For each project requested, you will be sent a summary of your work needs, and in some cases, you will need to complete the training before being accepted into the project. You will not be paid for any completed training, but you can start earning the moment you complete the courses.

How to create an invoice in Appen?  

Well, it's very easy to create an invoice in Appen.

> Login to Appen> Go to My Invoices> Click Create> Then it's done enter all your working hours if you are working on self-reported projects. In the case of some projects, invoices are automatically generated. You can check on the particular project invoicing guidelines. All details will be mentioned there.

Remember always submit your invoice before the deadline. Don't delay check for updates regarding anything on the right side of the portal. In case of any queries mail them there support team is excellent. Also, they have a social platform on the portal itself where you can discuss any queries related to projects or work with other Appen workers.

Overall Appen has the best remote jobs available to work with.So, If you reached till here after reading this article well, There are many other ways of making money online as doing work from home or as a part-time job is now a trend. Read my relevant blogs to find more information regarding online earning.

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1. Is it worth working for Appen? Is Appen a legit company to work for?

Yes, it is worth it and Appen is legit company. I always have a good experience while working with Appen as everything is transparent out here. If you are student or young professional then you can definitely start working for Appen for part time earnings.

2. How much does Appen pay an hour? 

The pay rate differs according to project requirements and criteria. Most probably when you first sign up and get your first project to work with, Appen will pay $3 per hour. Per hour earnings increase when you get involved with multiple projects.

3. What is social media evaluator?

Social media evaluator is a task where you have to give feedback and ratings on advertisements, news feeds, and search results of social media platforms.

4. How long does Appen take to pay?

Once you submit the invoice on the 1st of every month it will take 2-4 days for the invoice to be approved if above $5 and 10-15 Days for the amount to reach on your bank account.

5. What are Appen micro tasks?

Micro tasks are job which needs to be completed within short   period  like transcribing, translation, recording voice etc. Appen has lots of micro tasks available.

6. Appen qualification test failed

Always study all the guidelines and work related information provided before appearing for qualification exams, attention to details is very much important. Exams conducted by Appen is bit tough so, don't rush prepare well, if you fail you might miss chance to get selected in the particular project as Appen cares about quality of your work.

7. How much does Appen pay for social media evaluators?

The minimum payout is $3 per hour. It depends on how many hours you work in a week based on which invoices are generated. Check in the invoicing details of the particular project about the pay rate.

8. What is Appen work from home?

Appen provides work from home opportunities from the comfort of your home with a decent payout. You can apply for any type of project for which you are interested in working like transcription, translation, ratings, etc. and start working. Remember, payout is based on an hourly basis so make sure you check details before applying. Tasks provided by Appen are easy to understand.

9. Appen social media evaluator job description.

Appen social media evaluator job is based on improving the relevancy and efficiency of news feeds on social media networks. You have to provide your valuable ratings and reviews while working on this job. You are paid on the basis of the requirements and quality of your work.

If you have any doubts & queries then feel free to comment down below I will reply with the solution.

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