Most accurate speed test sites

A faster internet connection is very much necessary in today's modern generation. Nowadays without proper connection, we experience lots of lag while gaming, ping issues & mostly video buffering. So, here are the most accurate speed test sites to test your broadband connection speed:

Most accurate speed test sites


1. is owned by Ookla. It is an awesome website to test your internet speeds.

2. is owned by Netflix. It is another good website to test your speeds interface of this website is basic and easy to use.

3. runs a series of tests that provide a lot of useful data comparison. 


SpeedOf.Me works on the basis of HTML5 & it's very much lightweight. 

Tips for testing your Internet Speed

> Don't split up your connection with other users unless & until it is important.

> You should test your connection under normal working conditions.

> Perform limited test only. As during peak hours, your connection speed may throttle.

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