Most useful console commands for CS:GO

Counter strike global offensive is a very popular game and it is almost a favorite game of ours since childhood especially playing with friends. Firstly I played CS 1.6 then I started CS: GO which has a lot better graphics compared to the old version.

Tap on the Tilde button "~" on the keyboard while in-game on the CS: GO home screen. In case nothing appears, go to your game settings and  “Enable Developer Console” box. Once the console is open, you can type any one of these commands & enjoy it. 

Here is the list of most useful console commands CS: GO : 

Most useful console commands for CS:GO

1. net_graph 1: It displays your FPS (frames per second), ping, the tick rate of the server, and more.

2. fps_max 0: This command will help you maximize your frames per second.

3. +cl_show_team_equipment: This command allows you to see your teammate's weaponry and utility loadout above their heads, putting an end to that search for a teammate who has a flashbang.

4.  sv_cheats 1: The owner of the server gains the power to allow any users within their server to activate almost any client-sided or server-sided console commands.

5.  voice_scale 0.3: You can use this command to counteract those noisy teammates or toxic deathmatch players who scream at everyone who tries to be sociable.

6. quit: This command closes your game entirely.  

7. disconnect: This command helps you to leave any server without needing the extra clicks in the ESC menu. 

8. exec: This command is great for enabling private server configurations (.cfg files for practice, one-on-ones, etc.) that you can create or download from third-party websites.

9. kill: This one makes your player commit suicide, but only with sv_cheats 1 enabled. 

10. noclip: It’s like god mode, but instead of not dying, you can go through walls, roofs, and the map skybox only if sv_cheats 1 is enabled.

11. god: You’re given “god mode.” You can’t be killed and you will not take damage from other players. It also requires sv_cheats 1

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