How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive without losing data?

How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive without losing data?

In this article, I will explain how to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive without losing data.

What is a shortcut Virus?

A shortcut virus could be a reasonably Trojan/worm combination that hides all of your files and folders then replace all of them with shortcuts that look precisely the same. 

A shortcut virus turns each file into a link. Shortcut Virus spreads via pen drives, the Internet, third-party software, etc. and creates a duplicate of your original files and folders. This means that when you do clicking on those files to open them, the virus multiplies and installs more viruses and malicious software, The logic behind transforming the folder into links is that this virus hides the original folders/files on the same removable media and creates the link with the same name.

This virus is so smart that most portable antivirus software can't detect it either. Or if somehow they find out or eliminate it, somehow it manages to recover.

When USB drive gets infected by the shortcut virus, all files become shortcuts, and also the actual information is inaccessible.

If your flash drive additionally contains the virus, 1st eliminate the virus from the flash drive. Once the virus is off from the flash drive, the info is accessible also make a copy of this information to a secure location on your pc, format the device in native Disk Manager, reload the info back onto the USB drive and disconnect it. 

Here’s the way to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive

> Plug in the infected external device.

> Open CMD ( Command Prompt ) in admin mode.

> Type: attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.* and hit Enter. (In place of 'D:' Put you drive letter, rest type as it is.)

> After running above command Type: del autorun.inf and hit Enter.

The "attrib" command alters the attributes of a particular file or folder. 

The other parts of the command designate which files and folders to alter and how they should be altered:

> "-s", This command removes the “system file” status from all matching files and folders.

> "-r", This command removes the “read-only” status from all matching files and folders.

> "-h", This command removes the “hidden” status from all matching files and folders.

> "/s", This command recursively apply to all files and folders in the current directory and all subdirectories, basically the entire device in this case.

> "/d", This command is applied to folders. (Normally attrib only handles all files).

> "*.*", This sign means all file names and folder names should be considered a match.


Note: If you don't want to waste time with commands or if you are not a technology expert, then you still have the option to remove the virus using antivirus software. It is the fastest and easiest way to remove any kind of virus from your pen drive, computer, or laptop. Download any trial version of antivirus software & scan your system in case of windows 10 defender (Windows security) is enough.

Precautions that must be taken to prevent the virus from infecting:

> Disable autorun so that Pendrive doesn't run automatically.

> Search or scan for viruses before using Pendrive.

> Do not use Pendrive on public or unknown computers.

> Don't surf malicious websites or download content from not so trusted sources.

> Always keep your antivirus up to date.

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