The Best Firefox Add-Ons, Apps & Extension

The Best Firefox Add-Ons, Apps & Extensions that is useful for Firefox users.
In this article, I have reviewed some of the best Firefox AddOns, apps & extensions that can be helpful.

Here is the list of best Firefox AddOns below which are useful:

 1. Adblock Plus.

  Key Features:

     > Blocks Ads.
     > Allow Acceptable Ads. 
     > Disable Tracking.
     > Block Malware Domains.
     > Block Social Media Buttons. 

2. Ghostery.

  Key Features:

      > Built-in Ad Blocker.
      > Enhanced privacy features for Android.
      > Ghost Search.
      > Ghost Mode.
      > Enhanced Protection.
      > Mobile Data Saver.
      > Password Manager.
      > Stop Autoplay.
      > Font Size Adapter.

3. GreaseMonkey.

  Key Features:

     > Customize webpage appearance on the go.
     > Change the functionality of any webpage.
     > Thousands of community-created scripts available.

4. Lightshot.

   Key Features:

      > Flexible screenshot.
      > Share on social media networks.
      > Search for similar content.
      > Power to edit screenshots.
      > Save/Print Screenshot.

5. uMatrix.

  Key Features:

      > Blocks traffic on a granular level.
      > uMatrix logger.
      > Single-click to whitelist/blacklist.
      > Autonomous control over lists.
      > Ease of use.
      > Global change to all sites.
      > Traffic specific blocking.
      > Security.
      > Privacy.

 6. Dark Reader.

  Key Features:

      > Invert brightness on the go.
      > Filter settings.
      > Custom site settings.
      > Site list.
      > Theme generation mode.

7. Video Speed Controller.    

  Key Features:

      > Speed up video.
      > Slow down the video.
      > Fast forward.
      > Quick rewind.
      > Customizable shortcuts.

8. Tabliss.

  Key Features:

      > Customizable background and widgets.
      > New image for every new tab.
      > Backgrounds from different sources.
      > Efficient so takes less time loading.
      > Privacy.
      > Security.
      > Customizable widgets.

9. uBlock Origin.

 Key Features:

     > Block Ads.
     > Filtering.
     > Performance.

10. Bitwarden.

 Key Features:

     > All information like login ID's etc. can be stored.
     > Auto-fill login information on websites.  

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