How corporate VPN works? What is VPN?

In this article, I will share something interesting that how corporate VPN works.

How corporate VPN works? What is VPN?

What is VPN?  

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, Now when you connect to a VPN network, a secured encrypted connection is established between your computer & server. Your original IP address is hidden you will be assigned random IP addresses with different locations based on what you choose. Anyone connected on the same network cannot see what you are doing. Anyone looking from abroad will not be able to track your original IP address and therefore you cannot be located. But if required under certain situations you can be tracked by your VPN provider & ISP. They will have all the data including your local IP address & current IP address which is assigned to you while connecting to VPN.

Corporate VPN also creates a secured encrypted tunnel and still routes its traffic to a server. Now if you are working from home you have to gain access to your employer's network which is only possible when your employers give access to you.

Let me explain in simple terms when you are working for a company & you are being told to work from home. So, you can't directly access your office computer from home you need certain permissions or secured URLs to access it which works on a secured network which is a corporate VPN. All this setup is done to protect the company's valuable data which are being stored.

What employer does is they use software like Microsoft Azure, VMware, etc. which are premium tools.  Based on your employee id details a unique URL will be provided to you by your employer using which you will have to login & attempt to connect to your office desktop via remote connection option. The most commonly used command in remote desktop services is "MSTSC". Finally now when a remote connection is established you have to enter your login details & password of your office desktop & after that you will be able to work on your office computer from home.  Employers & their clients use certain premium tools to setup workspace for eg. Citrix is one of the popular & commonly used software.

How corporate VPN works? What is VPN?

The best part of the corporate VPN is the employer can track you what you are doing when you are connected to the services provided to you.

Always remember when you work from & connect to corporate VPN make sure you have a high-speed broadband connection as your mobile hotspot will not help you much. As we know when we use VPN our connection speed reduces because our connection is established through multiple servers to destination servers so in this process our connection speed drops.

In case of corporate VPN when you connect you have to access your office system then again from the office system to your client's server. While working remotely you will feel that your system is working very slow like when you click or type anything you will face a delay in getting a response back. It becomes irritating sometimes, especially while debugging or doing coding part in IT Companies. It is common although it depends on network connectivity & bandwidth.

How I can share my screen with my office colleague if I need to share or show something important?

Well, there is a simple method which you can use to gain access to your colleague pc & see what they are doing or can control that pc remotely if allowed. A software name Any desk is helpful software for sharing your screen just you need to share a unique address of yours which will be available on the dashboard when you run the software once your colleague opens the software and enter the remote desk ID you provided a popup will appear to you which will ask you to give access once you allow then your colleague will be able to connect with you & see your screen whatever you show or share. You can also chat & give specific access like controlling your pointer accessing folders etc. 

Some corporate doesn't allow to install any third-party software in that case you will be given tools like Microsoft Teams etc.

Remember always take a look where your web traffic is going. If you don't need to use your corporate VPN, don't use it while you are not working.

At last stay secure and private. Don't leave your laptop or desktop open while you are connected to corporate VPN or working.

As someone with bad minds can easily misuse or do something unusual which can be the very worst part if something goes wrong from your pc or laptop as you are being traced you will be blamed for the damage done. So make sure you log out when you are away from your laptop/desktop. Sometimes it gets automatically logged out but still, there is a saying that taking precautions is better than cure that's what applies here.

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