How do i maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips

How do I maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips to keep the laptop in good condition with consistent performance.
If your laptop tends to fail sooner than you think it should, there is a possibility that it will help you with some bad habits. These are some of the worst things you can do on a PC without even realizing that it is doing something wrong. Below are some of the best laptop care tips to keep the laptop in good condition with consistent performance.
#Leave the laptop on a soft surface (and other overheating problems)
How do i maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips

Heat is the deadly enemy of your computer. If your computer overheats, it can shorten the life of the internal hardware, such as processor, fans, and battery, not to mention making your computer noisy and sizzling to the touch.

For desktop computers, the solution is quite simple: just remove the dust occasionally with a little compressed air and keep it away from any small closet. You want air to flow freely through your computer, not to be trapped in a confined space. You can also avoid dust by holding it off the ground and putting filters on the suction fans.

Laptops, on the other hand, require a little more care. Its portability leads to many bad habits, such as putting it on a blanket or other plush surface. This blocks the flow of air under the laptop (where the rubber feet usually lift it off a desk) and potentially through the laptop (if the blanket covers the fan vents).

In addition, the same rules apply to laptops as desktop computers: do not leave it in hot places (like a car on a sunny day) and clean it occasionally with compressed air. If you can keep it dust-free, it will keep the components running happily for a long time.

#Manage your laptop carelessly

How do i maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips

I saw people take the laptop off the screen, open the zipper on one side with too much force and throw the laptop on the sofa on the other side of the room. (Sure, a sofa is soft enough, but one day you will get lost and hit the table or floor and regret it.) I have also seen people use closed laptops like roller coasters for their drink, which makes me squeeze teeth anxiously. Laptops are used as portable and some can be quite durable, but the more you abuse them, the more likely you are to damage something. At best, you just have to deal with a worn laptop hinge or crack. But if your laptop has a traditional hard drive that runs instead of an SSD, shaking or shaking the computer, especially if the drive is currently active, it can even make you move your head or touch the surface of the drive. It's not common, but if that happens, you'll have a bad day, especially if you haven't backed up your data. 
Your laptop is an expensive property, treat it as such. 
#Ignoring electrical safety 
How do i maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips

The PC consumes a significant amount of energy and is susceptible to damage from surges - small temporary increases in the voltage that enters the power line. This can happen after a power outage, after turning on another high power device in the house or it could come from an unreliable power grid in your city. The power supply inside the PC includes some basic over voltage protections, but you will get more lasting protection from a dedicated overvoltage protection device.

Note that this is different from multiple sockets, which provides multiple outputs without surge protection. Make sure to replace it every three to five years, as that protection wears off over time; if yours is old, chances are good that it will offer zero protection.

Please note that the surge protector will not protect against high voltage spikes (such as lightning), but can protect you from small spikes and extend the life of your PC. If you have some extra money to spend, you may also want to get an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Finally, laptops require a little more attention because of their portability. While the power cable for a desktop computer can sit still for years at a time, the cable for your laptop accompanies you everywhere, subject to creases, strong tears on the walls and other ill-treatment. Not only can this make the cable unreliable, but it can also present a fire hazard, so you should always remove the charger from the wall from the outlet, not the cable, and don't wrap it too much.
#Time wasted on unnecessary maintenance
How do i maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips

Back in Windows XP, when hardware was limited and computers were slow, PC maintenance might have made a difference. But these days, deleting temporary and unused files is unlikely to give you a significant increase in speed. Many "PC Cleanup" utilities are scams designed to scare you into buying your product, and the free and less fraudulent ones are still not needed most of the time.

In addition, some types of "maintenance" can actually be harmful. Registry cleaners offer almost no benefit, but if they delete a registry entry that you really need, they can cause problems. Likewise, these new "privacy" apps that claim to prevent Windows 10 from "spying on you" can interrupt certain functions without you knowing why. The Internet is full of people who are confused as to why something has stopped working, only to find out that it is one of these tools to blame. It's best to check the Windows 10 settings, learn what they do and the settings yourself.

If you want to clean up your hard drive, use the Windows built-in disk cleanup utility and delete all the movies, music and other files that you are not using. And if your computer is running unbearably slow, try removing startup programs or restarting your PC; if it doesn't work, it's probably time to upgrade your hardware.
#Browse the web without protection
How do i maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips

Contrary to popular belief, "common sense", although very valuable, should not be your only protection against malware. Legitimate sites can also be infected with malware, passing these problems on to you and accurate browsing won't save you. You need to use antivirus on your computer.

Fortunately, Microsoft's built-in Windows Defender functionality has become quite good, after a few years of lower ratings. Leave him and let him do his job. However, if you want additional protection, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a bit more aggressive with its protection and I have found that it catches many things that are missing in Chrome and Windows Defender. The free version is good if you only want to run an occasional scan, but the paid version includes anti-exploit features that always run and block potentially harmful sites before they hit the screen. If used in combination with a traditional antivirus like Windows Defender, you will be quite sure of the protection.

In addition, other basic security practices still apply: keep your software up to date (both Windows and the programs you use), use a good password manager and learn how to spot phishing scams. It may seem trivial, but malicious malware or ransomware can cause a lot of harm.

#Leave your computer unattended

How do i maintain my laptop? Laptop care tips

Okay, leaving your computer alone on Starbucks won't harm it per se, but you can still leave it without a working PC. This should be obvious, but I've seen it happen too often - don't leave your computer unattended, even for a second. Not only could it be easily stolen, but it is shocking what a person with moderate technology skills can do on a machine with a few minutes of physical access, and the last thing they want is a keylogger to run on their computer, stealing all their personal pieces of information. Just don't do it.
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