Social media safety Tips and Tricks for youth

Social media safety tips and tricks. How to stay safe on social media. Social media awareness for youth.
In this article, I will share some of the best social media safety tips & tricks and awareness for youth, which you should follow while using all these social media websites.

Social media safety Tips and Tricks

How to secure your Facebook account?

> Go to Account Settings> Security & Login & check whether two-factor authentication is turned on or not. I will recommend to keep it on for account safety.

> You can also nominate some of your trusted contacts on your account as in case if you get locked out from your account you can easily recover it via this option.

> Check-in Authorized Logins that if any unauthorized devices are connected or not if there then you can remove those devices. Your account will get automatically logged out from those unknown devices.

At last, you can also take help in the Get Help section if in case your account gets hacked or if you find any unusual activity on your account.

Always keep your Facebook App updated in Play Store & change your password if required.

How to remove Apps in Facebook 

> Go to Facebook app Settings & privacy>Account Settings.

> Go to Apps and Websites.

> Tap on edit in logged in with Facebook & check if there are any websites or other apps connected to your Facebook account. If you haven't connected to any source then turn it off if not necessary.

> Check the list of apps that are inactive. Remove all the apps which have data access by selecting it, like all sorts of quiz apps especially, also games. If you have logged in with Facebook on some websites that will be also displayed check & remove those if you are not using it. 

Every single apps, games & website have data access it can be suspicious so removing those will make your privacy strong. Stop taking quizzes or using unnecessary apps on Facebook also signing up with Facebook at random websites. Verify it before giving access.

We all love taking them, but they can also have a negative effect on your privacy. Even though you are not a big quiz taker yourself, you probably have Facebook friends who are. Also, many times when your friends take or share a quiz the developers could gain access to the details in your profile.

Here are some additional ways scammers use quizzes to trick you in facebook i.e

> Farming of Data also Data collection: Where scammers create a piece of click-worthy content, then swap it out for something else once the post has gone viral. 

> Credit card fraud: Some quiz offers you rewards for taking it & asks you to pay, be extremely alert. If you are asked to enter any identifying information about yourself or about your credit card or debit card number, it's likely a scam.

> Malware or Virus: Scammers insert malicious code in such places that you can't even think where it can be, quizzes & all sorts of apps available in facebook are primary targets. Links, images, and other elements within these quizzes may be trimmed with viruses that can infect your computer, phone, or tablet.  

How to turn off Ads in Facebook

> Go to Facebook app settings & privacy>Account Settings>Ad Preferences>Ad Settings> Turn it off. There is one more option “Your Information” which you can check & turn it off, it's your choice.

How to secure your Whats App & Instagram

> Always keep your Whats app updated in Play Store.

> Go to Settings>Account> Two-Step verification> turn it on.

> Fort WhatsApp you can also download your account activities & details by tapping on Request account info.

If you are using other services like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. also E-mails like G-Mail, etc. then remember the followings:

> Always enable 2-Step verification on each active accounts & check the privacy settings whatever is set to default change those.

> If necessary & choose good passwords with random characters & symbols etc. 

> Try to maintain different passwords on different platforms. 

> Never store your password anywhere in plain text. 

> Always save your active recovery phone number & email address in case you forgot your password. 

> You can also use authenticator apps like Google authenticator.

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