How to disable Copy/Paste in Blogger or website?

How to disable Copy/Paste in Blogger or website?

In this article, I will show how to disable copy/paste in a blogger or on your website. It is very much important that you protect your blog contents from being copied. If you are using a blogger then there is a very simple way to disable text selection on your website and you can protect your blog content from copying.

When you find that your blog is copied by some other website then it feels very bad as we do lots of hard work while publishing our articles anyways I found out a way that will help you a lot to protect your website from being copyrighted.

You need to add a JavaScript, below are the steps to be followed to disable copy and paste on your website:

1. Go to Theme option in blogger available on the left side, there you will find Edit HTML button click on it.

How to disable Copy/Paste in Blogger or website?

2. Paste the code like I copied & click on Save Theme & it's done.

How to disable Copy/Paste in Blogger or website?

3. Check your website by refreshing you will not be able to copy or select anything.

Note: You can also do this on WordPress sites just go to the HTML section and paste the code under <head>.

Click Here for the code to protect your blog content from copying.

I hope you have liked this article. If you face any issues comment down below.

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  1. Hi Geek Blogger am I to write whole script you made for stopping copy and paste. My pen name for publisher is Customx. I have 100 viral Blogger blogs. They keep stealing my pictures, artwork, Content, and even stole pictures I snapshotted myself over 10 years.
    have the URLs if your like to check them out:
    challenged them on Facebook to come forward. I told everyone worldwide; that they even cut my URL and spliced with another of my URL's. Then they copied and pasted their URL's like one of the four to get credit for my work. I have five other Bloggers I made in California. Customx
    they did the same thing.
    I spent my hours, months to create some my blogs and men, woman, and teenagers all over the USA is stealing my hard work! Customx

    1. After you apply this script no can copy paste contents from your blog. But if some one stolen your content before applying the script then nothing to do. One thing you can do you can take down those websites whoever is copying your content by complaining on DMCA ( ) if you have copyright of your content or you can report to google. Content stealing is common all over the world my friend just make sure you be careful with your content after publishing..

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