How to disable right click on websites?

Steps to Disable Right Click on Websites with JavaScript. How do you disable right-click on a blogger/website?
Sometimes it is necessary that your website remains safe from plagiarists & people who might come to your website for just copying your contents. 

How to disable right click on websites

Let's go through step by step on how to disable right click on websites or webpages made on Blogger and WordPress in this article.

Overall it's your choice as sometimes readers might face an issue if they need the right-click option. Most secured websites like banks use such features.

Why disable right-click?

Right-click contains options like save page as etc. using which anyone can save your page and steal your content or do anything they want.
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How can I disable right click on my website?

1. Open your Blogger dashboard.
2. Click on the Layout option on the left side.

How to disable right click on websites?

3. Here you will find Add a Gadget option, Tap on it. ( You can choose any of the option either sidebar left or right, only matters are pasting the code ).
How to disable right click on websites?

4. Choose HTML/Javascript and copy the code from below & click save. It's' done.

How to disable right click on websites?

How to disable right click on websites?

How to disable right click on blogger/website?

5. Now refresh your website and check whether the code is working or not.

Once the code works you will see the error message that right-clicks is disabled.

I will not recommend using this feature unless & until it is very much necessary as your users may get irritated if they need a right-click option for opening links on other tab or for any other purpose they might not come back to your website again. There are a lot of other ways to protect your content. 
Click Here for the JavaScript.
Note: This script will work on any of your websites running on Blogger, Wordpress, or any other platform. You just need to paste this script under the header section of the particular page on which you want to disable the right-click.
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