How to earn money online in India?

In this article, I will share some of the best ways to earn money online in India. You need to plan what is best for you what content you will make etc. If you are skilled enough & passionate about the particular domain you can easily earn money.

So, how to earn money online in India? Let's begin.


1. Freelancing 

How to earn money online in India?

Freelancing is a very common and genuine method to earn money. 

I started doing freelancing when I was in college, I could have easily managed my expenses with the money I used to earn by doing freelancing work. Freelancing has lots of potentials it's all about applying your skills to the particular work or domain you choose, just complete & deliver the work on time. There are many types of work available technical non-technical whatever you are skilled at. You will get paid based on your work.

Some of the popular websites are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, WorknHire, etc. 

2. Surveys & Reviews

How to earn money online in India?

Surveys & Reviews is a very popular online work. You have to review certain products, websites, etc. also you have to fillup surveys where you will be asked certain questions which you have to answer based on which you are paid. Here earnings are low.

There are many websites available for surveys but not all are trusted. There are one popular site Swagbucks which provides a gift card on completing surveys like this there are a lot more. 

Note: Always check & do research about the particular site you will be working for as many sites can cheat you.  

3. Youtube

How to earn money online in India?

Youtube is a very popular platform where you can earn by making videos on any topic related to technical or non-technical. You have to create a channel & start uploading videos, you can make videos on comedy, entertainment, education, technology, product reviews, brand promotions, and a lot more to do. All you need is to make good quality videos so that people can understand what you are trying to show or share. Earnings are based on showing ads once your channel is qualified you can start earning by showing ads. A popular ad network for earning from youtube is Google Adsense.

To qualify for earning on youtube there are certain guidelines provide by youtube make sure you check that out. Your channel must meet the minimum criteria.

Note: You have to make sure you are uploading copyright-free & unique content.

4. Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money online in India?

In this particular field earning are based on sales you make. Basically what happens is that you have to sell different products of a particular company once you sell successfully you earn commissions on it. Now commissions can vary it can be high or low, it depends on products you are selling or the company for whom you are selling.

Almost all eCommerce platforms have affiliate programs. I am using Amazon Associate Program which is a great platform & you can earn high commissions here.

5. Blogging

How to earn money online in India?

Blogging is all about writing & publishing articles. Based on your passion & interests you can write articles on any topic. Earning in blogging is based on showing ads & how you rank your articles in search engines. Overall matters are how much traffic your blog website is getting. So, You have to write good quality copyright-free content that provides value to your readers.

In order to start earning you have signed up for ad networks like Adsense, media net, etc. Once they approve your blog website your earnings will start based on traffic & how unique is your content.

Some popular blogging websites are Blogger, WordPress. 

6. Data Entry

How to earn money online in India?

Data entry is a kind of freelancing job. You will be given certain data which you have to enter in excel or word also in some case you will get an image from the client you have to enter all the text from that image to word or somewhere else. That's all about data entry. Earning is based on how many words you are typing and how accurately & fast you have entered the data provided. The website mentioned on the freelancing section provides data entry jobs.

Remember there are many fake websites that claim to give data entry jobs on behalf of which they charge some money never fall under such scam. 

7. Social Media

How to earn money online in India?

In social media, you can earn on the basis of brand promotions. When you have a certain amount of followers on your profile you will be able to promote brands & their products based on which your earnings will be counted. Here you have to be a very good social media influencer. Most popular social media site where people are earning a lot is Instagram, Facebook is also a part of it.

8. Digital Marketing

How to earn money online in India?

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing that is done online using digital media and platforms to promote products and services. In simple terms, if you have an offline business & if you bring it online & do marketing of it to grow or gather more customers then it is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about communication or customer interaction you do digitally.  There are certain courses available online from which you can learn more about digital marketing.

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