How to get a job in TCS?

In this article let's know how to get a job in TCS after BTech.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, an Indian information technology consulting and business solutions company that operates in 47 countries worldwide.

    > Established: 1968. 

    > Founders: Tata Sons, F.C. Kohli.

    > Headquarters: Mumbai, India. 

How to get job in TCS

How can I get a job in TCS as a fresher?

To obtain a TCS placement, you must participate in the TCS interviews. To be eligible for TCS interviews, you must meet certain criteria. Some of the criteria are:

> 60% in the 10th and 12th exams/diplomas on the first attempt.

> 60% in a college degree, even on the first attempt. (No Back Logs).

> Not more than 1 job accumulated at the time of the interview and the pending job must be eliminated within the normal duration.

TCS conducts university campaigns in various universities across the country. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, contact your university's training and placement cell and ask if TCS will come for the placement. If TCS doesn't come to your college, you can apply through the off-campus drive. Apply process is given below.

There are two basic ways to get a job in TCS:

Conventional: -

In this way, you have the first clear aptitude test after applying, if you qualify, you must face the interview, which consists of TR & HR.

Direct interview: -

CodeVita delivery, which is organized by TCS every July. If you get a grade below about 1500, skip the first step and you can apply for an interview.


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The process to apply & get a job in TCS:  

  •  Sign up for the Next Step Portal.
  •  Fill in the online application form.
  •  An online test will be scheduled for you.
Note: Never forget to accept hall ticket if you miss it you will not be allowed to sit for the test.

After clearing the exam you will be called for the technical interview round at first. The level of difficulty of the interview varies from extremely easy to moderately difficult. Study your programming, projects, and the basics, even if you have no experience with the computer subsequently, they will take you to a human resource interview round. The interviewer will involve you in a short conversation to evaluate your communication skills and your future aspirations. The rejection rate is quite low.

Feel free to send me any questions about the TCS and CodeVita recruitment process. 


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