Which multimeter is best? Best Multimeters For Electronic Technician

A list of some of the best cheap multimeters in India. Which multimeter is the best for electronic technicians?

Multimeters are essential for electrical work. Electricians or technicians require it the most as they need for checking electrical equipment or for measuring voltage, current, and all types of electronics components. A good multimeter can provide accurate readings. So which multimeter is best do you want to know?
Which multimeter is best? Best Multimeter For Electronic Technician.

Here are some of the best multimeters in India for electronic technician.

1. Fluke 117 Electricians Multimeter.

The Fluke 117 is easy to use, it includes features that give accurate measurements and a range of other user-friendly features. With this unit, you will be able to check for voltage without actually making contact with the power outlet.

> The display is easy to use.
> It has an LED backlight.
> It is ergonomic.
> It can hook up to a belt with a magnet.
> It gives accurate readings.
> It also can take a non-contact reading.

> Price is high.

2. Fluke 179/EDA2 Multimeter.

The Fluke 179 multimeter is a premium kit that comes with a range of accessories. With this package, you will get the multimeter along with a carrying case, and various other probes that will help you in a wide range of situations while using it.

> You will get Robust accessories in the package.
> It has a Vivid backlit screen.
> The interface is easy to use.
> It gives hyper-accurate readings.

> It has fragile probes.
> It is expensive.

3. Fluke 287 True-RMS Multimeter.

Fluke 287 is a high-quality product that is almost the same as the other options we’ve seen from this company. It has features like a large backlit screen and a variety of test points that allow you to read for anything that you might need to be.

> It has a great screen with a better display.
> You can connect this multimeter to the computer.
> It is very accurate in readings.

> While using this multimeter you will find it a little bit complicated. It is recommended for professionals only.
> It is very expensive.

4. AstroAI Multimeter 6000.

AstroAI multimeters are cheaper than the above brand, I identified this unit as the best budget buy.

> It is quite affordable.
> It gives very accurate readings.
> It has a Backlit display.
> It has a ceramic defensive type thing for safety purposes.

> It is not durable enough.

5. Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter.

Klein Tools MM700 is an affordable option that can be excellent for amateur users. It is made to be durable.

> It is affordable enough.
> It contains good accessories.
> It is durable enough.

> The interface of this multimeter is complicated.
> It's hard to use.
> It has very limited applications.

6. Mastech MS8268 Series Multimeter.

This is an affordable product for buyers on a restrictive budget. I use this multimeter for testing while doing small electrical or electronics repairs in my home. It is recommended for beginners who are like students or don't have much knowledge about using multimeters.

> Very affordable.

> It is Fragile.
> Not very accurate readings, but ok for beginners use.
> It struggles with high amp sources.

There are many different types of multimeters available in the market and it is important to keep in mind that whatever is your requirement, purchase that type of multimeter only with those features.

Digital versus Analog multimeters

The two main types of multimeters available are digital multimeters and analog multimeters, each of which has some features that are worth considering when trying to decide which multimeter to buy.

Digital multimeters are more accurate than analog multimeters in general and have the added benefit of being able to download readings to a computer. The digital LCD displays found in these multimeter models are also generally lighter to read in low light conditions, as well as providing clear and unambiguous decimal readings for accurate numerical readings.

This clarity and functionality mean that digital multimeters are generally much more popular than analog multimeters today, are digital. Analog multimeters are still being produced for those who prefer the old school durability and functionality of an analog device.

Meanwhile, analog multimeters are more difficult to read than their digital, due to the lack of a clear digital display. These use an old oscillating needle to receive readings, rather than an accurate digital numeric display. They are slightly less precise and the numbers provided must be interpreted by the user, calculated from the space between the numbers dialed using the precision level of the multimeter.

Although this may make them appear clearly worse than digital multimeters, professional electricians often use analog multimeters because of their high durability, being generally more stable and reliable than digital multimeters.

All multimeters can read DC currents, but some cannot read AC currents. If you need to measure alternating current, you will need to make sure you are buying the right type of multimeter!

At last, I want to say multimeters are very valuable for diagonalizing electrical problems & coming to safety if you use good quality multimeter it is very safe for testing electrical systems but remember always take precautions before touching or working in live electrical wire or while testing high voltage electrical equipment as it can be dangerous.

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