Interesting fun facts about technology that are cool to know

Technology is very exciting and interesting. Here are some of the fun, cool, and true facts about technology which you might not know.

Interesting fun facts about technology that are cool to know.

Technology is something which is crucial in the day-to-day life of ours. Without it, nothing is possible in most cases. If you are a technology enthusiast like me, here are some of the interesting facts about technology which you might not know.

1. Did you know about Hotmail?

Microsoft purchased Hotmail after 1 year when it started. It was founded in 1996 now it is named outlook. 

2. Did you know about WordPress?

In this world the most hackable content management system is? That is WordPress where 83% of most popular websites are based on.

3. Did you know that youtube was originally supposed to be a dating website?

"" domain was registered in valentine’s day on 14th February 2005 and the idea was that people upload a video introducing themselves and then meet each other but when no one uploaded anything then youtube came up with a policy that anyone can upload anything or broadcast yourself after which the first video ever uploaded was by the co-founder itself of youtube Javed Karim in 2006. Youtube was purchased by Google at 1.6 billion dollars and now where youtube is standing, everybody knows. 

4. Did you know which was the first-ever social networking website?

So, it's not Facebook it was "". It started in 1997 & was closed in 1999, it didn't run for a long time lasted only for 3 years. 

5. Did you know how many android & iPhone devices are active in this world?

According to google, till the year 2019, more than billions of Android devices were active so, if you guess by that data now there must be at least 3-4 Billion active Android phones and more than 900 million active iPhones.

According to the very latest data in market share Android has: 86.1% share and iOS have: 13.9% and feature phones are also still very popular. 

6. Did you know which are the phones that are sold with the highest numbers? 

You must have used Nokia 1100 & 1110, 250 million devices of it were sold also in smartphones iPhone 6 & 6 plus stands at the top of the list, 220 million devices of it were sold. Nokia feature phones were the best selling devices in the market, I am still using one of them up & running fine. 

7. Did you know which country has a high & slow speed internet connection?

The country that has a high-speed internet connection in this world is Taiwan, speed is 85 Megabytes per second whereas Yemen has the slowest internet connection for about 0.38 Megabits per second. 

8. Did you know? Each year Google pays billions of dollars to Mozilla firefox & apple safari.

Google pays to these companies to keep Google as a default search engine in their browser.

9. Did you know why Facebook is blue?

Most interesting facts that many of you don't know about that Mark Zuckerberg is having red & green color blind which means he can only see blue color very well that's why Facebook is blue.  

10. Did you know which category websites are mostly visited in this world?

The answer is Adult websites whose traffic is still unbeatable if you compare with popular social or shopping sites. 

11. Did you know how email was sent before www?

Most fun fact, Email used to be existed before the world wide web not by TCP/IP. Micronet was used using telephones to send an email. 

12. Did you know how much data can the human DNA store?

As we all know that the internet runs on servers & data centers which store zettabytes & more of data and scientists discovered that only 4 gm of human DNA can store all of these data. Human DNA is very complicated. 

13. Did you know about ransomware?

In this entire world, almost 4000 ransomware attacks are committed in 1 day. Ransomware is a malware that locks your system files & on behalf of unlocking your files the owner of the malware asks for money. 

14. Did you know? Which was the first domain that was registered on the internet?

So the first domain registered on the internet was"", this domain was registered on 15th March 1985 and still up and running. Coming to domain names, so let's know more facts about it on the internet nearly about 10 Lakhs of domain names are registered every month on the internet, and also domain name registration was free till 1995, but now you have to pay for it. 

15. Did you know most photographs taken of food in this world?

It's pizza. Pizza photographs are taken in large volume compared to others in food.

16. Did you know where most of the electronics & phones are manufactured?

Its china, it is where most of our mobile phones are manufactured also china creates a dangerous element and smoke which is harmful & effects the ozone layer very badly. As most of the electricals & electronics like refrigerators, phones, etc are manufactured there, so during the manufacturing process harmful gases are released which is chlorofluorocarbon, according to reports 60% of chlorofluorocarbon gases are released by china.

17. Did you hear about Alien technology?

The American government is doing research on alien technology like on UFOs etc. You must have heard in news about predictions regarding aliens whatever is being seen or considered to be found. Its a fact that the American government is doing research on aliens which is confirmed by officials. Also, you might have heard about Area 51 where there are lots of theories regarding aliens in that place. Although Area 51 is a highly classified US air force facility.

17. Did you know which country ranks on most application downloads on the phone?

India is the number one country where after the JIO revolution started 4.2 billion apps were downloaded in India itself which is highest in the entire world according to the survey & reports.

18. Did you know about the most dangerous laptop in this world?

The most dangerous laptop in this world is in new york which is kept for auction, the price is about 6 crores based on bidding. It is running Windows XP. This laptop is dangerous because in this laptop all kinds of popular and deadliest malware are installed & it is kept disconnected from the internet because to avoid spreading malware over networks. Cybersecurity companies may purchase it for testing their products. So, it's obvious that a normal person will never purchase this deadliest laptop.

19. Did you know about the Huwaei brand?

Huawei was one of the most popular & highest selling android smartphone manufacturer. In 2019 it faced certain controversies many brands cut off the partnership with Huawei but now almost everything is fine with this company. It's a fact that Huwaei started in the 1980s & this company first started with telephone exchange switches.

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