List of fun & weird websites on internet

Want to check out some fun & weird websites! So let's go through the list of fun and weird websites available on the internet.


There are millions of websites on the internet, but here I have collected some of the most amazing websites for geek users.

1. 1O Minute Mail.

This website is a disposable email service for beating spam or rather you can say it’s a temporary email service, which lasts only for 10 minutes, from the moment you entered the site. Sometimes we don’t want to use our real email ID on unknown websites for some privacy reasons, this site will help you. Use this website to sign up on any website & receive the confirmation mail from until the countdown stops. And the inbox messages will appear down on the blank part. As I said it will help you to take a step forward to avoid spam, and if you want to use this service again, just reload the webpage. 

2. Evozi Downloader.

This website allows you to download official android apps into your computer directly. Just copy the google play app URL into the box for downloading the app. Once you pasted the URL, click on the "generate download link" button once you done that file will be downloaded on your pc.

3. GTMetrix.

Check any website speed and performance from GTmetrix. You can analyze your website also you can check why your website is slow and how you can supercharge your website. If you are more like a web developer, or even just an enthusiast This site will be useful to you. 


This website helps you to see the history of any website you want or looking for like when the domain was registered on how the website used to look like. Check if this website is accessible in your country or not.

5. Kickassapp.

Using this site you can destroy any types of websites like shooting the elements etc. This website is just for fun, to destroy you have to bookmark a button by dragging it.

6. LiveATC.

This website broadcasts air traffic control data from all air traffic control towers and radar facilities located around the world. If you are interested to know all this information, It’s a cool website you can visit.

7. Account Killer.

This website helps you to find the exact way that how you can delete your various social accounts that you are not using. There are many social networks where you cannot delete your account easily so this website can be helpful. All popular social websites are listed in the account killer.

8. Website up or down just for me.

If you are unable to open any website here you can check whether that particular website is down for you or the entire world.

9. Staggering beauty.

When you visit this website a weird thing appears on your screen. You can have fun, when you move your mouse pointer it follows your pointer. When you move your mouse pointer very fast it flashes on your screen very weirdly.

10. Weave silk.

This is an awesome website where you can generate art. When you move your mouse pointer some dots on your screen moves now after clicking you can move your mouse pointer anywhere possible & create different types of art. You can also change color & modify the art you created. You can also reduce dots it's a kind of silk art.

Some other cool and interesting websites you can visit are given below

> Virus Total.

This website scans any file you upload or URL with all antivirus products & scan engines available in this world.


> Pointer Pointer.

This website locates your pointer on the screen with some human pictures pointing on your cursor.

> Essay Typer.

Generates an essay on any kind of topic.

> Zoom Quilt.

This website zooms on an image infinitely. You can also navigate using arrow keys.


> Print-friendly.

Optimizes any pdf which will be printer-friendly. 


> Image to Image.

Translate Images. 

> Flight Radar.

Track planes in real-time.


> The Revolving Internet.

Fully functional google rotates on your screen.


> Algorithmia/Colorize-Photos.

Converts colored photos in black & white.


> Online Clock.

Free internet alarm clock.

And that’s my picks for the most amazing coolest websites ever, on the Internet. 

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