How to fix a cracked phone screen or digitizer DIY?

In this article, you will learn how you can fix a cracked screen without replacing it. How to fix a cracked phone screen or digitizer DIY?
So you cracked yourself on screen. Have no fear! In this article, I will help you to solve your problem by saying how to fix a cracked phone screen or digitizer DIY.

How to fix a cracked phone screen or digitizer DIY?

How costly is repairing?

If in your case your screen gets broken or glass shatters then repair cost will be very high so it is important to take care of your phone while using it. 

Also, you need tools to repair like special screwdrivers for opening smartphones or tablets. Tool kits are a little bit costly if you take good quality. Also, you need a heat gun for melting the glue which holds the back panel of your phone also screen.

Often many times it is found that the particular screen isn't cracked in any respect. You’ll probably have installed a glass screen protector after you purchased the phone. 

So, your screen protector protects your screen almost in every case, if you use a good quality one. 

> Carefully take off the plastic bezel that covers the front of the device. The likelihood is the screen under that is perfectly intact. That usually isn't the case with tablets. Screen protectors are durable clear transparent films.

> It is relatively easy to peel off the old film cover and replace it with a brand new cover. 

Problem solved!

How to replace Digitizer?

For just a few dollars you can get a whole screen fixing kit on Amazon your screen doesn't show what it should show on it you'll probably need a new digitizer too.

How to fix a cracked phone screen or digitizer DIY?

Note: Attempt this process at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages or harm to you or to your cell phone or anything else for that matter.

> So begin by taking the back off of the phone you may need a heat gun for this step.

> Now use a flat pointy opening tool to help ease the back off releasing the glue. 

How to fix a cracked phone screen or digitizer DIY?

> Unscrew the covers.

> Use the dissection stick to unhook the motherboard do not miss any connectors if you do the motherboard will not come out just take your time.

> Remove the camera.

> Unhook the battery in this case you just need to pull the magic tape holding the battery then take the entire battery out of the cell phone.

> Next remove the SIM card tray using the removal tool, now the motherboard should come out unless you forgot connectors.

How to fix a cracked phone screen or digitizer DIY?

> Remove the screen again you might need the heat gun for this step so please do not hold it in one spot for too long or burn yourself.

> You'll need to unhook the screen digitizer.

> Now peel the protector off of the adhesive and carefully place it down.

> Slip the digitizer connector through the slot and press that down.

> Replace the motherboard pinch the one in the back then slide other connectors into positions make sure none are been under.

> Install the camera and the battery.

> Screw in the covers beginning from the bottom up for reassembly, and after that finally replace the back cover.

That's It!


> Be careful while opening your smartphone.
> Make sure you remember or keep a record of how you have disassembled your phone because in case you forget you will face issues while assembling your phone.
> At last handle the motherboard carefully, always check whether the connector s are connected in the right place or not. 
Replacing broken touchscreens and digitizer panels is not a hard task to do, but the process does require careful attention to details & patience which is very much necessary. 

If you are not tech-savvy or don't have tools for repairing then I will recommend you, take your device to any professional technicians or service centers nearby who do all these repairs.

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