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Nile project in Appen. Details about How to work, create invoices & apply in the Nile Project? Appen Work From Home.
In this article, I will explain about Nile project in Appen. This project is based on rating ads on Facebook.

Nile Project in Appen | Appen Work From Home

When I first registered for Appen I got selected for the Nile Project. Once you are accepted for the Nile project, you'll be asked to enter your Facebook profile URL. You must have at least 100 or above friends on your Facebook friend lists. After meeting all the criteria apply for it after that you will receive a confirmation mail that you are being selected with further instructions & links to begin work. 

Login to Appen & check for the further details & go through the Guidelines of the Nile project also go to the "Academy" section & complete the Nile project tutorials & guides.

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How to work in the Nile Project?

After completing all the above steps you will be added to FRT (Feed Rating Tool) and after that, you may begin working immediately. FRT link will be provided to your mail with further instructions.

If the link to the main FRT page does not load for you, try again in an hour as it can take some time for your account information to sync up with the system. Also, make sure you are actually logged into your Facebook account on a computer (not a mobile device or tablet) and are using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.

Note: Check your access within a 24-48 hours window period for your access to be added. If you are still unable to access the tool using the link, then raise a ticket to Appen support.

You can also rate using your smartphone on the Facebook app while registering you will be asked for verifying your device. If you have a mobile device registered on Appen, you will be added to the mobile tool shortly. Once added to the mobile tool, all of your ratings can be done there on Facebook App, make sure you keep your app updated.

You must read all of the guidelines posted in the "Guidelines and Hints" section of the Nile Project page before starting. Video instructions for working in FRT are also provided. If you have FRT issues, be sure to check the FAQ section first.

Nile Project Productivity Requirements

You have to complete 1 single batch per day typically 30 Ads and bakeoff around 10 tasks. Raters are required to do the bakeoff tasks as a final step of the daily Nile task. Check all the instructions in the "Bakeoff Tasks" section. The entire batch of Ads and bakeoff tasks must be completed within an hour. Raters must finish the batch and bakeoff they start each day within a particular timeline. If you miss the batch it will be considered abandoned for the day and will be reset. 

In addition, all incomplete batch and bakeoff data will be reset at midnight in your local time zone therefore, you will need to set aside enough time to ensure that a full batch and bakeoff are completed before midnight reset.

How much time you can work?

It is mandatory-you have to work only 1 Hour a Day & 6-7 Hours a week. Minimum you have to work 5 days a week, you can also work for 7 days.


Invoicing is manual in this project you have to go to My Invoices> Click Create after that enter all the days & time you worked. The rate is $3 Per Hour. All total it can go up to $93 if you have worked all the 30 days in a month. You are responsible for keeping track of your own records for invoicing purposes.

Note: Always enter the correct date & time of your work if you enter the wrong details & submit the invoice they might remove you from the project.

How long you can work for the Nile Project?

This project generally lasts about one year for each rater. You will remain on the project until notified by Appen, which will only happen if you are removed from the project for quality or productivity issues. Appen conducts several audits on your production work and provides individual feedback so that you can improve your ratings.

IMPORTANT: Remember in the Nile project when you are working using FRT (Feed Rating Tool) on desktops or laptops, should keep accurate records of their batch by taking a screenshot of the comment section of the last ad you rate for the day. You do not need to send a screenshot to them, but you should keep them for your records in case if the project manager asks for them. Generally, they don't need the records unless they request it directly in rare cases while accepting your invoice. You can keep records in any format. Tracking your URL will help Appen to solve invoicing issues much faster and may serve as proof of work. This task should only take a small amount of your time each day.

Finally, remember to visit the Nile Project page daily for new updates.

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