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TCS Joining Documents / Process

Documentation is one of the important phases when you join TCS. Details of the process to join TCS with all sorts of documentation formalities.

Are you joining TCS? Need assistance with the joining process or documents? In this article, I have described the entire procedure for joining TCS as well as the ILP (Initial Learning Program).

TCS Joining Documents / Process

Once you accept the offer letter you will receive a mail with the Subject: TCS Xplore joining confirmation survey. Go through the mail carefully & click on the link provided on the mail to redirect to TCS ion digital survey where you can submit your response also you can reschedule your joining if required.

Let us go through the quick steps for the joining process in TCS 
> First accept the joining letter. 
> Complete the BGC (Background Verification Process) form filling. 
> Fill the NSR ( National Skill Registry ). 
> Fill the forms given to you. 
> Scan & Upload the Agreements ( Like Service Agreement & Affidavit/Notarized Undertaking ). 
> Prepare all the supporting documents.

Note: When you submit BGC some people may go to your home address for verification. This is done by almost all IT companies.

How to accept joining letter in TCS?

First, you have to accept your joining letter by using your DT reference id then,

> Visit TCS Next Step.

> Then go to the ILP corner.

> Select Joining letter.

> Then at last Accept It.

Note: If you forget to accept the letter you will not be allowed for joining, as TCS will consider that you are not interested in the job, the same happens in the case of Offer letter.

How to download the Joining letter in TCS?

> Visit TCS Next Step.

> Go to the ILP corner.

> Select Joining letter

> At last Download. 

For more details like eligibility criteria, mandatory documents including instructions visit this link : How to get a Job in TCS? 

What are the documents required for joining TCS? All are mentioned below:

1. Service Agreement.

2. Non-Criminal affidavit.

3. Joining letter ( Xerox copies ).

4. Aadhaar Card ( Original + Xerox ).

5. PAN Card ( Original + 4 Xerox ).

6. Self-attested xerox copy of the Surety PAN card.

7. Birth Certificate ( English Format ).

8. NSR Card ( National Skill Registry ).

9. Class X and Class XII Marksheet ( Must be 60% or above ).

10. Class X and Class XII certificates.

11. Degree Mark sheets for all semesters. (,, MCA, etc. ).

12. Provisional Certificate or original degree certificate ( Provisional is mandatory if you haven't got the original one ).

13. Medical Certificate ( Must be issued by any doctor with a minimum of M.B.B.S ).

14. Offer letter ( Xerox copies ).

15. Surety's Last IT Return or Form 16 ( Must be signed by Surety whom you trust ).

16. Passport ( Original + 4 Xerox ).  

Note: You have to scan and upload the above documents in PDF or JPEG formats. Each file size should be less than 2 MegaBytes.

Remember to carry original and photocopies of all forms & affidavits you submitted in the "Next Step" portal also with at least 10 copies of passport size photo with id & address proofs like Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID, etc.

Note: While filling reference you have to fill any two trusted person’s following details:

> Name of the person.
> Company/Institute Name.
> Contact No.
> Email ID.
> Time from when reference knows the candidate.
> Designation.
> Relationship with the applicant.

How to Fill NSR (National Skill registry)?

> Go to TCS Next Step.

> After that visit the ILP corner.

> Then National skill registry.

> Choose ITPIN.

Note: Before joining ILP you have to complete the registration and bio-metric process of NSR. For registration go to the NSR website to register after completing registration, they will send you a digital copy of the NSR card via email or you can also generate by yourself by logging in to your NSR account.

Below are the points you need to remember before joining TCS

> If you have applied for a passport but haven't received yet before joining, in that case, carry the confirmation receipt of the passport which is provided after verification.

> For NCA (Non-Criminal Affidavit ), the first date will be the date of the offer letter or joining & the notary stamp must be present on all the pages of NCA. Make sure you fill it properly by taking the consent of your lawyer. 

> The entire Service Contract, non-criminal Affidavit, any other Affidavits must be on 100 Rupees stamp paper on plain A4 paper.

> For the medical certificate, the doctor's stamp, and signature must be on the photograph. Signature should be half in the photograph and half on-page. The doctor's registration number must be mentioned.

> In-service contract, the candidate's signature, and guarantee must be present on all pages and the first date will be your joining date.

> If you do not have a birth certificate or have it in another language other than English then you must have it in English format or you can issue it temporarily from the hospital or the government organization where all these kinds of stuff are handled nearby you. You can also convert your birth certificate in English by providing your original one which is on other languages.

How to verify TCS offer letter or joining letter?

Visit their official website Here to validate your offer letter or joining letter. To check you have to enter your Reference Number that starts with "DT" or "CC".  

Final thoughts

* Never rush with the documentation part. You never know when TCS changes the formats. Call helpline or your ILP coordinator to clear your doubts! You can also send emails with your queries.

* ILP Full Form in TCS: Initial Learning Program. Here TCS trains you for a desired period of time before involving you in a live project. Because of pandemic & work from home situation training etc. is done via online only, also IT gadgets are being delivered on your registered address after you complete your joining.

If you have any doubts & queries then feel free to comment down below I will reply with the solution. All documents including guidelines are provided on the TCS Next Step Portal.


1. Is Passport compulsory for TCS joining?

No, not exactly but if you have a passport then you must provide it else if you have applied but haven't received the passport yet then you can submit an application copy of the passport which you get while applying for a passport. 

2. Where can I upload my BGC documents in TCS?

In the Next Step Portal.  

3. What is the process after getting an offer letter from TCS?

After you receive the offer letter go to the next step portal and proceed to the next steps mentioned over there you have to do some formalities and upload some documents before getting a joining letter. Everything will be mentioned on the portal and also you will receive emails for further process.

4. Who can be a surety in the TCS service agreement?

The individual whom you know very well. A surety whom you select, make sure he/she filed income tax returns or pay taxes.

5. Who can witness TCS non-criminal affidavit?

Anyone who is close to you or your neighbors. But don't include anyone with whom you have blood relations.

6. Is it possible to join TCS after resignation?


7. What if I fail in TCS ILP?

Your ILP Traning period will be extended. 

8. What happens if I reject the TCS offer letter?

The company will blacklist you. 

9. How long does it take to get a TCS offer letter? After how many days TCS gives joining letter?

It can take weeks up to months. You will be notified via email. Make sure you check daily. 

10. Is laptop necessary for TCS ILP?

A laptop is not necessary as TCS doesn't allow you to carry inside any personal laptop, Pendrive, harddisks, etc. If you carry any of them then you have to submit it to the reception. TCS will provide their own desktop systems and laptops for ILP when required.

11. Can I leave TCS during ILP?

No. You can leave TCS after 1 Year bond only else you have to amount which is agreed on bond breaking.  

12. Is there any bond in TCS?

Yes. There is 1 year bond.

13. Does TCS pay during training?


14. How long is TCS ILP?

ILP duration depends on batch to batch-wise. ILP takes approximately 2 months to complete. 

15. Is NSR mandatory for TCS?

Yes. You can register for NSR after joining also.

16. What is the process after getting offer letter from TCS?

Try to accept the joining letter in the TCS NextStep portal. Once you accept the joining letter, You can see two new links at the left corner of the window as “ Onboarding forms & background check”. 

17. I was selected in TCS through TCS Ninja drive I accepted my offer letter within how many days I will be notified about joining in TCS.

It can take up to few weeks to months. 

18. What is the age limit in TCS?

18-28 Years.

19. How to Contact TCS for queries?

> Helpline Number (Xplore)


> Helpline Number (IT)


> Helpline Number (TCS CBO)


> Queries (IT)

> Queries (TCS CBO)

> Concerns/Feedback

20. What is the cooling period in TCS?

Yes, 6 months of cooling period once you are taking your resignation back, so be careful while talking this decision.

21. Will I be able to join TCS again? Can I rejoin TCS after resigning?

TCS has no rehiring policy.

22. Does Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) require a background check? TCS background check verification and documentation for both freshers and experienced employees.

Yes, TCS conducts strict background checks which include family background , criminal verification , medical verification, passport verification, and residential verification, etc. They will also verify all the certificates that you provide  including details of previous employment and work experience. The duration of a background check can take up to 15–30 days. 

23. ILP documents required. TCS Joining formality checklist.
TCS Joining Documents / Process
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  1. From where did you get the image in FAQ number 18. i.e. Documents checklist. Is it genuine?
    It says Xth Passing certificate - If applicable. Is it true that it is not mandatory?
    1. @Shubham Paul I am also from CBSE and hence not having Xth passing certificate. I was making sure that it was optional. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello, I was selected for tcs in the month of dec 2019 through smart hire(for bcs students).
    And i also completed my 6th sem exams but the problem is i have a backlog in 5th sem , will i be allowed for onboard.I also had backlogs in other sems but i cleared them but for 5th sem my university is not conducting instant exam this year so i am not able to give that exam now, it will be in march so i will clear it in the only thing which i want to know is will tcs allow me to onbaord with that backlog.
    thanks in advance
  3. Hello Shubham Paul
    I was selected for tcs in the month of dec 2019 thorugh smart hire(for BSc students).
    I have completed my final sem exams but the only problem is that i have a backlog in 5th sem. I also had backlogs in other sems but i cleared them,since my university is not conducting instant exam this year i am not able to clear that backlog and that exam will be conducted in march,so will clear it in march. my doubt is tcs allow me to onbaord or will my offer be revoked since i have a backlog.
    thanks in advance.
    1. A maximum of 1 pending backlog is permitted at the time of appearing for the TCS Selection Process. If a candidate has been selected, then, no backlogs shall be permitted at the time of joining TCS. All pending backlogs should be completed within the normal course duration. If backlogs are not cleared within the normal course duration, then, the candidate is ineligible to apply.
    2. Hi @Girinath.. have u contacted tcs.? Is ur problem solved or not? Please let me know as I am also in same situation.
    3. Hii @girinath, is your problem solved?
      Please let me know as I am also in same situation.
  4. @Girinath I will suggest that contact TCS via email or phone to clarify your issue as they will assist you better.
    1. okk thanks for your responce
  5. Hello Shubham, glad to read. Actually, my name is misspelled in the aadhar and pan card which is correct in the clg database or marksheets. There is a minor mistake, in place of A there is O in those IDs. So, will there be any problem while submitting those documents as proof on nextstep in further verifications after getting offer letter?
    1. Yes, you will face problems. Make sure your name & it's spell is same on all of your documents. If it's misspelled then you can make an affidavit saying that these two names are same person. Same case happened with me i did the same thing. After i joined i have corrected all the names that was misspelled.
    2. Thank you for the reply shubham. So at the time of background verification, only affidavit will hold for this misspelled names? Also, can I connect with you in WhatsApp or any other medium since I want to know this in details and this can't be done here.
  6. I had backlog in 5th sem and I cleared it....but my University only allow one marksheet and that is updated marksheet.
    So I don't have marksheet in which backlog was mentioned.....what should I do?
    1. A maximum of 1 pending backlog is permitted at the time of appearing for the TCS Selection Process. If a candidate has been selected, then, no backlogs shall be permitted at the time of joining TCS.

      Make Sure you have the updated Marksheet with no backlogs while joining. Still if you have doubts then you can contact on TCS helpline or via Email they will assist you better.
    2. I have my semester-wise marksheets where grades are mentioned, but now some of my backlog marksheets are missing. So what should I do in that case?
    3. If you have cleared all of your semesters & have no backlogs now then provide those mark sheets with grades mentioned. If you still have backlogs then in that case you have to contact careers team or HR for further reference.
  7. Hello Shubham Paul, am selected for tcs ninja profile waiting for offer letter. But am in a worry that i had mentioned my 10th marks that was calculated by my college 91% (they gave weightage to some core subjects and calculated it) but actually it is 96% giving same weightage to all the subject, as am from Kerala and studied the state board there is no provision of marksheet only certificate is provided(which contains grade for each subject not marks) will it be a problem am hell worried because tcs is my dream company and i don't want to loose it.
    1. No, no there will be no issues. Provide that certificate containing grades and division that will be fine. If they asks then explain it that your college only provide this. They will verify themselves.
  8. I will also suggest you to contact TCS via mail or helpline if problem arises.
  9. Thank you so much, and please provide me an option to communicate with you personally am having some more doubts regarding certificates
    1. Insta, Linkedin, Twitter or Discord. Links are there in Contact Us.
  10. I had made Non Criminal Affidavit attested with gazetted officer as they said documents can be notarized or attested with gazetted officer in meeting which I misheard. I learnt that NCA must be notarized. So, can I notarize the same document or I need to make a new one
    1. yes, you can, But I am not sure about it. You can confirm it from any gazetted officer whoever attest it as they will know better. I will suggest making a new one if you can by attesting it.
  11. Hello Shubam Paul, I accepted the offer 3 days back and today I got the Ilp and bgc in my next portal, can you please tell me how much time will be given to complete the process of bgc as All my certificates are in my college and it will take more than a week to arrange everything
    1. I am not sure about the exact timing. They will provide you details. In my case it was 1 Month. You can confirm it from HR, i also did that after accepting.
  12. i have received my affer letter and i accepted it. But my mail id is incorrect therefore i was not able to get get any mail from tcs. Does every information from tcs will be uploaded on nextstep? What should i do now. whom should i contact?.
    1. Contact TCS here with your Offer Reference No. :
    2. Yes all your info you fill while applying are available on next Step portal but after you join & complete all checks, the next step portal of yours will be closed you will not be able to access it after Joining.
  13. Who is the first party and second party in Non Criminal Affidavit?
    1. Those are Witnesses...I hope I got it right...where gazetted officer signs & below 2 witness signs are required.
  14. Who is the first party and second party in Non Criminal Affidavit?
  15. Who is the first party and second party in Non Criminal Affidavit?
  16. Hey my joining is scheduled on 11th February and last document submission date was 29. And I still have some documents which are not uploaded. I filled the survey form for rescheduling for the same reason but I got no answer till yet.. should I sit for rescheduling or should I upload my documents ASAP.?
    1. I will suggest you upload documents if you have them. In the meantime, you can call on this no. 1800-209-3111 & on with your queries.
    2. If you are facing issues in uploading then you have to contact the careers team will definitely answer your queries.
  17. Sir, I have year wise graduation marksheet which have all semester marks. For ex. Year 1 Marksheet consist of 1st sem and 2nd sem marks. I don't have separate Marksheet of sem. So is it ok for me to submit it for document verification?
    1. Ya it is ok. Because all college have different way of providing mark sheets.
  18. hi, please help me HR has given me BGC link but in my TCS nexstep profile i can't find any tab for the same. should i notify HR about this?
    1. Yes. Notify 2 HR.
  19. where do I get the TCS format for the Medical Certificate , Service agreement ??
    I couldn't find it on the ILP Corner
    1. on the portal itself "Next Step"
  20. Hello sir,
    Good day,
    I have submitted documentations on last week but still not yet receive offer letter and any guess when can I expect the offer letter.
    Thank you.
    1. There is no standard time frame, usually 1 week. You will receive email.
  21. Hello sir,
    I accepted my offer letter on 3rd this month. But yesterday i got options on my tcs nextstep like tcs ilp, bgc, certificate tracker which were not available on the 3rd. Also I have not received any email regarding what to do with these options. Could you please guide me.
  22. Hello sir,

    I accepted my offer letter on 3rd this month and on 5th, there were a few options like tcs ilp, certification details, background check,etc. are added but i have not received any official mail from tcs about what to do with these options. These options were not available earlier.
    Please guide me sir
    1. You have to complete those options 1st for ilp that is training whatever is asked u have 2 provide including certificates also a background check will be conducted before you join. There will be guidelines within the portal itself. These options get available after u accept offer letter. If you face any issues in this process then you can contact them via email for queries.
  23. Can I fill bgc details without NRC
    1. r u talking about NSR? all details r available in portal. U have 2 follow according to it. In case of any issues u can contact hr or careers team via email.
  24. Hello,
    I uploaded every document except nsr ecard, medical nd nca. Should i submit? My ilp corner only has nsr declaration option
    1. nsr u can submit later though. medical & nca is imp. You can submit but i will suggest consult careers team or hr before proceeding.
  25. Hello brother,
    I accepted the offer later from TCS.
    but I have on doubt, DOB on my Birth Certificate is 16th Nov. and on all other official
    documents including Passport the DOB is 15th Nov. What should I do? please help me regarding this.
    1. I will suggest don't provide ur birth certificate as of now. Correct it then only u show them. You can also show adhar card or pan card as birth proof. But birth certificate is important that 2 in english format so make the corrections as u might face problems later. Also, you can ask hr they will assist u better.
  26. Hello brother,
    My birth certificate is in my regional language
    How can I get my birth certificate in English language ?
    please help me regarding this ?
    1. You have to visit near by municipality office 2 reissue birth certificate in English format. i also did the same.
  27. I forgot to Upload the surety details with TCS service agreement will I get another chance to upload before my joining date or will it lead to reschedulement?please reply asap I am really worried
    1. I guess you will be asked to upload again but i am not sure. You can contact TCS careers team via email for queries they will assist u better in this. There is nothing to worry you will get chance to upload again but be careful next time.
  28. Hello.. i need your help ... i accepted my offer letter 3 days back. I haven't recieved any mail but my next portal is showing ilp and nsr and background check process. Should i wait for mail or start filling up the details and upload documents ??? What is the time period in which we need to fill up the details and upload documents ?? When i receive my joining letter ? Please do reply
    1. Hey can I know what you did for this?

  29. Hello
    I need to know, within how many days I should upload the Documents after accepting the offer letter ?
    Or there is no such time limit ?
    1. within 1 week. u will receive email. else u can also contact them via mail for prior dates.
    2. I got within 10 days
  30. My 10th certificate has my name as REPU ROHITH KUMAR
    is there any problem in interchange of surname position (REPU) during upload of documents during BGC verification .?
    1. Yes, it might create problem. I will suggest to make an affidavit that these both names are same person that will help you. I also have same problem that's why I made an affidavit.
  31. I've accepted the offer letter on 04/04/2021 and my application status changed to ILP eligible(05/04/2021) and then ILP Scheduled(08/04/2021) but my Joining Letter is not generated yet, but all of my friends got the Joining letter on same date as ILP Scheduled. So is this normal or is there any problem with my application. Should I be worried ?
    1. yes it is normal. don't worry. may be something is wrong with the system. I will suggest mail them they will revert u back.
  32. I've accepted the Offer Letter on 4-4-21 and my application status changed to ILP Eligible then ILP Schedule on 8-4-21 but my Joining Letter is not generated yet. All of my friends got their joining letter on the same date as ILP schedule but not me. Is this normal or I should be worried ?
  33. Hello ,
    I am selected in TCS in January 2021. I have all other documents but I don't have semester wise marksheet instead I have yearly marksheet of all year's of graduation which contains 2 sem marks and grades. Will my document submission complete if I submit just yearly marksheet and not semester wise??
    Plz guide me for the same.
    1. yes if Ur college is providing on that format then it's OK. You can submit. Make sure the mark sheets u submit displays all semesters marks n grades. Actually final year mark sheet after graduation is very important.
  34. Thanks for the service you are doing
    Do salary starts from joining date, Please?
    1. once you join after 1 month you will start getting your salary. You will get portal access where you will get to know everything regarding your salary & other stuffs.
    2. Thank you very much, Please
  35. Hi sir I got my joining letter yesterday , I am in my 6th sem of MCA and due to pandemic my final exams have not been conducted yet. I have hard copy of official marksheet till 3rd sem and 4th and 5th sem digital copy on college portal . What shall be done in this case, I do not want my joining to be postponded.
    Thanks in advance
    1. In this case, you have to talk to HR as they can assist you better as they are aware also aware that exams are being postponed. I will suggest contact HR or Mail them they will revert you with the solution. Don't worry maybe your joining will be postponed can' say as offices are still closed due to pandemic and we are working from home as of now.
  36. can i upload xerox copies of marksheets in tcs bgc with signature and stamp by respective principals??
    1. Yes make sure it is clear. better scan it!
  37. I received my upgraded offer letter in april 2021 after dca result. Does this delay the joining letter ? If yes or not, when will i get my joining letter ?
    1. It might delay due to pandemic & WFH situation.
  38. hello,
    I don't have any taxpayer in my family and i dont know anyone who is taxpayer what should I do for the service agreement?
    1. In that case u have to find ny1 at any cost as it is necessary. In case you don't find any1 then contact HR via mail with your query they will assist u better.
  39. Where to upload service agreement and non-criminal forms ?
    1. While your joining process that time. You will get notified on the portal & via email.
  40. i made a mistake in undertaking mail i have to send to obm in subject area i put other date than the joining date i also sent the apology mail i did what will happen to will she help me out please tell me asap
    1. Wait for their response. But don't repeat the mistake again. Rest i can't assure u what will happen but there is nothing much to worry about.
  41. Hello sir
    I recieved my joining letter on 12 May 2021, my joining date is 3 June 2021 but i applied for reshcdule of my joining as my college is going on.
    Should i still upload the documents and move forward with bgc and all or wait for their of wether or not my request is accepted.
    1. Hello,

      I will suggest wait after then upload. Don't upload incomplete documents. Also, talk to HR personnel once after rescheduling they will provide better assistance.
  42. I have few queries regarding joining documents.

    In the last page of Affidavit form there are two fields for witness. Is my current company colleagues are my witness or it is something else?

    Also in 2nd page of GratuityForm there is a field "Declaration by Witnesses" what is that?
  43. Since I have uploaded the medical certificate in BGC yesterday.I found that one question is wrongly answered by mistake. Is there any possibility to edit it because I have confirmed the bgc after submitting the documents so There is no edit option available.....

    What to do?
    1. Mail to tcs careers team or hr personnel they will definitely revert back with the solution.
  44. Hello Team,

    Its been almost a month I have attended the interview, HR has shared the CTC break-up and I have accepted the same and after that I haven't received any communication and HR doesn't respond to my emails. Answers the calls and cuts off knowing its me. I tried reaching out using the careers email as well they asked to contact the HR.

    Can i still expect the offer letter ?? How long does it usually take for a lateral Joining.
    Who can i reach out to understand the status.

    Thanks in advance
    1. There is no other option. You have to talk to HR personnel only. Wait you will get your stuffs. Due to pandemic situation delay is occurring as WFH is on.
  45. I got joining letter from tcs but due to covid my course is not completed so I wish to reschedule but for that they are asking proof What proof I should submit for this reason
    1. they are asking for proof that you are undergoing the course. Show mark sheets of whichever year you passed or have, or you can do one thing contact your college or university to give something in written that you haven't completed the course & if they ask why then show them the offer letter.
  46. Hello , I bimistake accepted the joining letter while downloading it.Is it ok to not upload my certificates and documents if I don't want to join tcs.
    1. It is OK but. you need to inform HR personnel if you are not joining. Drop a mail so that they get aware of it.
  47. I have 57% in first sem of btech but afterwards I have above 60% in all semester and my aggregate % of btech is also above 60% then Am I eligible to join TCS?
    1. Yes you need to have overall 60% average in b tech, Class 10 & 12.
  48. Does tcs required 60% in all semester of btech or 60% aggregate?
    1. 60% Overall 1st class combining every semesters.
  49. Where can I find the Medical Certificate for TCS?
    1. It will be available on next step portal.
  50. Hey , when I will get the ILP joining I have accepted offer letter , BGC enabled and I have uploaded the documents still approval is pending !
    1. Wait for it. You will receive email soon.
  51. Sir , today I got my joining letter ,in that my stream is mentioned as CBO , what is CBO ,is it good as I am a CS student ,can tell me more about it.
    Thank you
    1. t stands for Cognitive Business Operations. The job will be mostly monitoring, ticket handling etc.
    2. *it
  52. Hello, I need to know one thing. I had a backlog in one subject during my first semester but later i cleared it. So which marksheet should I submit for bgc? As there is mentioned that sem1_First attempt. So will i have to submit the old one or the updated one??
    1. Submit the updated one which you got after clearing.
  53. Hello Shubham Can u help me with NCR because I am not getting what it is and from where we must get NCR certificate??
    I had Accepted my Offer Letter today i.e. 28/08/2021 but I couldn't see any option to upload the documents. Instead there is option of certification Star certification. Are they mandatory because I had done my certifications from other institute which are not mentioned there. Are the Certification from mentioned institute are compulsory?? If I don't have them then will I'll have problem for joining
  54. Can I upload digital marksheet of 10th and 12th
    1. Yes
  55. Hi,
    I got selected in TCS through MBA off campus. I got offer letter and I accepted it. When I will receive the Date of joining (DOJ), whether I have to upload any documents or Let me know the further procedure to receive the DOJ.
    1. It will take some time may be a week or more than that, keep checking your mail. Yes, you have to upload some documents which will be mentioned to you on next step for further process of your joining before receiving appointment letter.
  56. Hello, I got selected in TCS and received offer letter on 9 dec 2021 and i accept the offer letter. After accepting i saw new fields on nextstep portal like "ILP corner, background check, feedback form, certification tracker" . I am facing issue in uploading the BGC documents as when i am uploading i am getting pop up stating that please upload in valid format. Also i m uploading it in correct format i.e. pdf and jpeg format still i m facing the issue. I have mailed to ilpsupport but did not recieve any mail regarding the same. Can you assist me how should i upload the document
    1. Ok. First you need to check size of the the pdf or jpeg sometimes it happens because of it. If size is large then reduce it also check the format again if you are using any third part conversion to convert documents then you might face this issue. Overall recheck the documents whether it is meeting the required size & format or not which is being asked for. Hope it helps if nor wait for the ilp support to respond send them ss of it with your documents they will fix it sometimes issue can be from their side.
  57. Is joining letter comes only after you upload all documents..

    After how many days of ilp eligible do i expect joining???

    Is passport applied or passport is mandatory??????
    1. Yes joining letter is issued after uploading documents. After ILP it depends on project which will be assigned to you it can take up to weeks till month. Passport is required actually if you have applied then you can provide the acknowledgement receipt of your passport application while joining.
  58. Hi, I have got tcs joining letter but I am not able to join on the date that they expect me to start. So I have requested to reshedule my joining date... So waiting for that... My qn is should I upload the documents in BGC verification (medical certificate, non criminal affidavit and all) or should I wait for the next joining date conformation.
    1. I will suggest upload it because at the time of joining these documents are mandatory.
  59. Hello shubham. I have consolidated marks sheet and provisional certificate but I didn't have semester wise marks sheet or its soft copies......will it be enough for the acceptance of joining for now?,,,,please share the details
  60. Hii I got offer letter accepted it on 14 Jan ,should I complete the BCG or should I wait untill u get a mail.

    I have applied for instant pan card but acceptance is in pending how I can hold the process or extend it or I can do the process without pan card ... bcoz in pan card section option is available that is* I Applied for pan card *
  61. Hii I got offer letter accepted it on 14 Jan ,should I complete the BCG or should I wait untill u get a mail.

    I have applied for instant pan card but acceptance is in pending how I can hold the process or extend it or I can do the process without pan card ... bcoz in pan card section option is available that is* I Applied for pan card *
    1. Have u received joining mail with survey? Once u receive there u can reschedule your joining etc mentioning your problems. Also you can mail to careers team or HR personnel informing or if you are facing any issues. Till then make sure all your documents are ready before joining.
    2. PAN is mandatory.
  62. Thank you sir
    Till now I got ol and in portal status ILP is eligible.
    Should I fill Background check form now or should I wait untill getting joining letter?
    Is there anything like only after completing bcg form they will do further process?
  63. while uploading documents on the BGC section(Tcs Ibegin portal), after uploading all the documents I had, I mistakenly clicked the submit button.
    that time I didn't have some documents like Gap Affidavit, NSR e-card, and today I got all the required documents, but now I am not been able to upload the rest of the documents.
    is BGC team will give another chance , or will I get another chance from BGC team ?
    1. In this case you need to talk to team. Just drop a mail with the issue. I am sure you will get assistance.
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