TCS Joining Documents / Process

Need assistance on TCS joining process?  I have explained the complete procedure for joining TCS and for ILP (Initial Learning Program).

TCS Joining Documents / Process

Let us go through the quick steps for joining

> First accept the joining letter.
> Complete the BGC (Background Verification Process) form filling.
> Fill the NSR ( National Skill Registry ).
> Fill the forms given to you.
> Scan & Upload the Agreements ( Like Service Agreement & Affidavit/Notarized Undertaking ).
> Prepare all the supporting documents.

Note: When you submit BGC some people go to your home address for verification. This is done by almost all IT companies.

How to accept joining letter in TCS?

First, you have to accept your joining letter by using your DT reference id then,

> Visit TCS Next Step.

> Then go to the ILP corner.

> Select Joining letter.

> Then at last Accept It.

Note: If you forget to accept the letter you will not be allowed for joining as TCS will consider that you are not interested in the job, the same happens in case of Offer letter).

How to download the Joining letter in TCS?

> Visit TCS Next Step.

> Go to the ILP corner.

> Select Joining letter

> At last Download.

What are the joining documents needed? All are mentioned below:

1. Service Agreement.

2. Non-Criminal affidavit.

3. Joining letter ( Xerox copies ).

4. Aadhaar Card ( Original + Xerox ).

5. PAN Card ( Original + 4 Xerox ).

6. Self-attested xerox copy of the Surety PAN card.

7. Birth Certificate ( English Format ).

8. NSR Card ( National Skill Registry ).

9. Class X and Class XII Marksheet ( Must be 60% or above ).

10. Class X and Class XII certificates.

11. Degree Mark sheets for all semesters. (,, MCA, etc. ).

12. Provisional Certificate or original degree certificate ( Provisional is mandatory if you haven't got the original one ).

13. Medical Certificate ( Must be issued by any doctor with a minimum of M.B.B.S ).

14. Offer letter ( Xerox copies ).

15. Surety's Last IT Return or Form 16 ( Must be signed by Surety whom you trust ).

16. Passport ( Original + 4 Xerox ).  

Note: You have to scan and upload the above documents in PDF or JPEG formats. Each file size should be less than 2 MegaBytes.

At last carry all photocopies of forms & affidavits you submitted in the "Next Step" portal also with photocopies of passport size photo with id & address proofs.

: While filling reference you have to fill any two trusted person’s following details:

> Name of the person.
> Company/Institute Name.
> Contact No.
> Email ID.
> Time from when reference knows the candidate.
> Designation.
> Relationship with the applicant.

How to Fill NSR (National Skill registry)?

> Go to TCS Next Step.

> After that visit ILP corner.

> Then National skill registry.

> Choose ITPIN.

Note: Before joining ILP you have to complete the registration and bio-metric process of NSR. For registration go to the NSR website to register after completing registration, they will send you a digital copy of the NSR card via email or you can also generate by yourself by logging in to your NSR account.

Below are the points you need to remember before joining TCS

> If you have applied for a passport but haven't received yet before joining, in that case, carry the confirmation receipt of the passport which is provided after verification.

> For NCA (Non-Criminal Affidavit ), the first date will be the date of the offer letter or joining & the notary stamp must be present on all the pages of NCA. Make sure you fill it properly by taking the consent of your lawyer. 

> The entire Service Contract, non-criminal Affidavit, any other Affidavits must be on 100 Rupees stamp paper on plain A4 paper.

> For the medical certificate, the doctor's stamp and signature must be on the photograph. Signature should be half in photograph and half on-page. The doctor's registration number must be mentioned.

> In-service contract, the candidate's signature and guarantee must be present on all pages and the first date will be your joining date.

> If you do not have a birth certificate or have it in another language other than English then you must have it in English format or you can issue it temporarily from the hospital or the government organization where all these stuffs are handled nearby you. You can also convert your birth certificate in English by providing your original one which is on other languages.

How to verify TCS offer letter or joining letter?

Visit their official website Here to validate your offer letter or joining letter. To check you have to enter your Reference Number that starts with "DT" or "CC". 


* If you have any doubts & queries then feel free to comment down below I will reply with the solution. All documents will be provided to you on TCS Next Step Portal.

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