The best Windows keyboard shortcut keys for a laptop or PC

Here are the best keyboard shortcuts for your Windows laptop or PC.

Still using the mouse for all your work & using your keyboard only for typing name or number. If you are a computer student or studying computers in school & college & you use a mouse every time while working on computers. In this article, I will share the most important windows keyboard shortcuts & keyboard tricks symbols which you must know for your laptop or PC. These keyboard tricks will be very much useful for you every time you work on the computer. 

The best Windows keyboard shortcut keys for a laptop or PC

Do you want to be a keyboard master? let's start with basic to advanced shortcut keys including a useful one. 

Here comes the list of keyboard tricks:

1. " Delete " or " Backspace ". (Delete text or any kind of files etc.)

Many people think that backspace & delete key is only used to delete text or file. Always remember the Backspace key is used to delete text from the backward side & the Delete key is used to delete text from the front side. Delete key can also be used to delete any kind of file, folder & documents. 

2. " Alt " + " Tab ". (Switch Between Programs)

This is a very important shortcut key. These keys are used to basically switch between programs. Consider if you have opened too many programs like chrome browser, file explorer or videos, etc. Now if you want to switch from one program to another program press Alt button + Tab, you can press Tab multiple times depending on how many programs are opened in the background. When you press Alt+Tab to switch between programs release the Tab button once you have switched on the particular program you are looking for this will open the program.

3. " Alt " + " F4 " + after that" Enter ". (Shutdowns your PC)

Almost most of you turn off your PC by using the mouse. Using these shortcut keys you can turn off your PC within a matter of seconds. When you press Alt+F4 a popup appears & press Enter your PC will shut down automatically.

4. " Alt " + " F4 ". (Close Program Directly) 

I have seen almost every person close any program by clicking on the cross button which is located on the right & side top corner. Here is a simple way to close a program using your keyboard just press Alt + F4 when your program is opened, that particular program will directly close.

5. " Window Key " + " D ". (Minimize Programs)

This keyboard shortcut helps you to go to the desktop directly by minimizing all the opened windows.  

For Eg: Consider if you are doing multitasking on your PC too many software are opened in this case if you want to minimize all of the tabs & want to go to the desktop directly then Window Key + D is very useful, if you press it again then all minimized windows will open again.

6. " F12 ". (Save document directly in MS Office)

This shortcut key is basically for MS Office users. Whenever you make or create any document then for saving it you go to File>Save As, then after entering the name, you save it. So, why not we do it by pressing one key on keyboard without using a mouse, while saving document just press F12 key a save as popup will come to enter the name of your document & then press Enter it's done. This method is quick & fast.

Note: For Laptop, you have to press Fn + F12

Some other shortcut keys which you can use in MS Office are Ctrl + S (Save document directly) & Ctrl + (To create new document). 

7. " Ctrl " + " T ". (New tab in Browser)

This shortcut key is useful while using browsers. When you are browsing in one tab & want to open multiple tabs you don't have to use your mouse to click that + button every time to open a new tab just press Ctrl + Tab on your keyboard a new tab will open. You can press it multiple times to open multiple tabs.

8. " Ctrl " + " H ". (Delete & Open History)

Many times we want to clear our browsing history & what we do is we click on 3 dots & go to history & clear it. You can directly use your keyboard for deleting history press Ctrl + H history tab will open after that for deleting history, clearing cache, etc. press Ctrl + Shift + Delete then click on clear now it's done. 

Some other useful shortcuts keys include:

> " Ctrl + Shift + N ": It opens new Incognito mode on your browser.

Note: For Firefox, it's "Ctrl + Shift + P".

> " Ctrl + J ": This keyboard shortcut is used to open Downloads on your browser.

> " Ctrl + D ": Use this shortcut when you Bookmark or Save any web pages.

> " Ctrl + Left Click ": Whenever you browse through search results & want open links in a new tab you right-click on that link & select open link in a new tab, here you can do this in a simple way very quickly just hold your Ctrl key & left click on that particular link it will open in a new tab like this you can open multiple links on new tabs in less time. 

> " Ctrl + Shift + T ": Sometimes you accidentally close an important tab on your browser if you want to quickly restore that tab press Ctrl+Shift+T on your keyboard your tab will be restored which was closed lastly.  

> " Ctrl + Alt + Del ": This shortcut key is very much important as when our pc gets hanged or any software stops responding & you want to open task manager to force quit then it is helpful. Also, you can open the task manager directly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

> " Window Key + L ": When you are temporarily going outside or leaving your laptop or computer unattended & want to lock your computer quickly then press this shortcut key on the keyboard your PC will be locked automatically, it will ask for password if someone tries to open in absence of you. 

> " Ctrl + Z " (Undo) & " Ctrl + Y " ( Redo): If you delete any folder or file by mistake & want to restore it immediately press Ctrl + Z to undo & if you want to reverse the action you performed then Press Ctrl +Y to redo. 

> " Shift + Arrow Keys ": When you want to select any portion of text then you can use this shortcut.

> " Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + V" & "Ctrl + A ": This shortcut is very common & almost every user use this shortcuts. Ctrl+ C is for copying text, Ctrl + V is for pasting that text & Ctrl + A is for selecting all text in page.

> " Windows + Number Keys-1 to 9 ": You can open programs in the taskbar using these keys. Suppose after the start button there are 3 programs in taskbar press Windows + 1 to open the first program or Windows + 2 to open 2nd program. 

> " Windows + Arrow Keys ": Win + Up: Maximize your screen, Win + Down: Minimize the screen, Win + Left: To shift the window to the left side, Win + Right: To shift the window to the right side.

> " Windows + A ": This shortcut is used to open Action Center.

> " Windows + E ": Use this combination to open file explorer.

> " Win + Tab ": Check how much task or program is opened.

> " Win + P ": Use this key to open the display projection option.

> " Win + R ": Open run using this combination.

> " Win + "+ -": This shortcut is used to magnify screen like zoom in or zoom out.

> " Win + X ": This combination opens important settings like mobility center, cmd, device manager, settings, etc.

Keys which all computer users must know what they do

> "Home": Sometimes while you are browsing through articles & you are in the middle of the article & want to go to the top of that page at that moment you can press Home Key it will directly take you to the top of that page. Also, you can use this key to move the cursor to the initial stage from where you started typing.

> "End": This key is used to go to the end of the particular page or shift the cursor to the end of the line. It does the reverse of Home Key.

> "Page Up & Page Down": These keys are used to scroll up & down on the particular page or if you want to go to the next page while typing or reading articles.

> "Insert": This key is useful while typing or programming if you want to overwrite any particular line or text just take the cursor to the front of that text or line & start typing all the old text, will be overwritten with the new text which you will be inserting. Make sure you press the insert key again to turn it off or else it will keep on overwriting the text.

> "ESC": This key is used to cancel or abort any operation.

> "Num Lock": This key is used to unlock number keys.

Hope this article was helpful. Do let me know in the comments if you have any doubts regarding these shortcut keys & combinations.

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