Hardware Error 12294 - Failed to write ISO image

This article is all about how to fix the error Hardware Error 12294-Failed to write ISO image.

Are you experiencing a Hardware Error with the error code 12294? Failed to write an ISO image? I also faced the same problem but fixed it anyhow by following the below tips I mentioned. This type of error is very rare and there can be many reasons behind this error.


Hardware Error 12294- Failed to write ISO image


Check if your system has issues which I listed below, Some basic troubleshooting tips before fixing this error

> Check for registry errors & fix it. 


> Check for hardware problems. ( Check your DVD writer too ).


> Check if you are running a couple of applications on the background. ( It's not recommended to run any applications on the background while writing as your system can lag or crash if your system is on lower end side ).


> Scan your system with a good antivirus to check whether your system contains any virus or malware or not.


> Check for the programs that are not installed properly on your system that are now causing interference with invalid registry entries.

Sometimes this type of problem comes when your system is not shut down properly or you may have accidentally deleted an important registry entry or system files causing the system to malfunction. Overall it depends on how you use your system. If you maintain your system properly & do weekly checks on your hardware & stay up to date on software then rarely you will face such issues or errors.

At last Scan and diagnose your PC with windows troubleshooter to figure out all sorts of problems & to fix it. 

Now let's come to the main problem 

You can't say what exactly is the problem, so you have to try all the possible fixes I mentioned see which method works for you, first of all, follow the basic troubleshooting guide given above then come to the below steps:

> You can also try upgrading the firmware of the burner or DVD Writer. ( Go to manufacturer website run the firmware update program ).

> You can also try disabling the Image Mastering API Service ( It's used by windows for burning Images to cd or DVD).

> Use branded DVD's, don't use a cheap one. ( Like of Amazon Basics, Sony, Maxell ).

> Try cleaning the laser lens which is inside the DVD writer used for burning. ( I will recommend hiring a professional for doing this if you are not tech-savvy ).

> Always keep your write speed optimal, set it at low speed. ( Go to burn speed option in burn tab to adjust the speed ).

> Use good CD-DVD burning software & use the latest version.

( I recommend Nero also you can use Ashampoo Burning Studio Free ).

At last, you can try replacing your DVD burner I mean the entire hardware that you use to read or write DVDs. Check the specs on your DVD burner check whether it can write all types of DVD "+" "-" R or RW disks or not.

Still facing issues or problem not solved in your case then comment down below I will reply with a solution.

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