Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E fastest Wi-Fi standard and How it is different from each other?

In this article let's talk about Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E fastest Wi-Fi standard and How it is different from each other?

Why is this Wi-Fi standard important because eventually you will be using Wi-Fi 6 in the coming days and again we are already seeing some new that is Wi-Fi 6E (Enhanced). Let's know how these standards work.

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E fastest Wi-Fi standard : How it is different from each other?

Wi-Fi that we are using these days

Most of us now have dual-band devices, For example, the Wi-Fi AC that's the 5GHz band generally used for faster connection now the Wi-Fi certification agency has renamed it as Wi-Fi AC which is also known as Wi-Fi 5 and the new Wi-Fi AX which is the new one they have named it to Wi-Fi 6.

If you have used Wi-Fi N after moving to the Wi-Fi AC speeds was very fast. Wi-Fi AC was announced in 2013 and we started getting devices later but now we are going to get this Wi-Fi 6 devices earlier already we have the Wi-Fi 6 routers available in the market.

Why this Wi-Fi 6 is important? Changes that we can expect

Here is the big thing as we use lots of devices connected on our Wi-Fi network like, For example on my network we generally have anywhere about 26 to 30 devices connected sometimes you don't realize these days so many devices we connect on our network like the smart wireless camera is connected to Wi-Fi, laptops, smartphones are connected & of course multiple small devices also including Alexa, Google home TV as you can see how we have a lot more devices that are connected to our router. 

If you have a smart home then the number of connected devices will increase. After a certain point you know a router simply is not able to handle stuff and hence things slow down this happens even on very high-end routers. It also happens a lot more on the budget range routers and to get this fixed the Wi-Fi 6 will technically handle a lot more devices and it will be also faster in communication.

In Wi-Fi 6 the multi-user MIMO has been increased to eight devices so that means it can communicate simultaneously to a lot more devices hence that lag and stuffs that you see sometimes experience when multiple devices are connected should not happen or it should happen a lot less with the Wi-Fi 6 signal another thing is that it also has both of DMA ( Direct memory access ) and to give you an idea this will help the router to manage devices. 

Wi-Fi 6 is subdivided with channels it can divide it much better and plan or handle the traffic a lot better which means it can handle a lot more devices compared to the current Wi-Fi 5 i.e AC.

Theoretically, the Wi-Fi 6 routers will be able to handle a lot more devices simultaneously compared to the older one so apart from this we also see improvements in the speed.

Let's talk about the speeds theoretically Wi-Fi 5 that is Wi-Fi AC maximum speed is 3.5 Gbps which we haven't achieved yet & in case of Wi-Fi 6 maximum speed is about 9.6 Gbps. If you're running simultaneously a lot of devices, for example, if you are using Xbox, you're downloading some stuff with a laptop & you're streaming some stuff when you do all this stuff together you will get a lot better experience on Wi-Fi 6 while performing heavy tasks on Wi-Fi. 

Can I use W-Fi 6 with existing Wi-Fi N or AC devices?

Wi-Fi 6 is new so again you need a new router for that as well as the devices that you have should support Wi-Fi 6 but the good thing is that Wi-Fi six is backward compatible with all the existing Wi-Fi. Suppose if you buy a new Wi-Fi 6 router it will work perfectly with your existing Wi-Fi N or the Wi-Fi AC types of equipment that you have so you don't have to worry about it. It's always backward compatible.

I know all of us curious about stats and so Wi-Fi organization they said that the new Wi-Fi 6 routers will be about 37% faster compared to the Wi-Fi 5 that is the AC routers and also it is said that range is improved as well as devices will get better battery life and also with the new Wi-Fi 6 WPA3 security is mandatory.

For Example, If you know currently the security standard that you use for Wi-Fi which is WPA2, yes some of the new Wi-Fi AC routers also support WPA 3 but with Wi-Fi 6 it will be mandatory. So it will also increase the security of your network.

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E 'E' stands for enhanced. Let me give you a rough idea about this. For Example, If we know the Wi-Fi N band used to run on 2.4 GHz this is still very popular. I would say the budget turnout is only supporting 2.4GHz band then with the Wi-Fi AC which uses the 5 GHz band. Now with this Wi-Fi 6E that is enhanced because it uses 6 GHz band. So again you have way more bandwidth. In the future, the devices that will have Wi-Fi 6E can also use the new 6 GHz standard again we won't find every device to support that but some of the higher-end devices will have that. So that's the big difference between the Wi-Fi AC that we're using and the Wi-Fi 6.

Currently, you may don't have any routers with the Wi-Fi 6E but already we are seeing a lot of equipment with Wi-Fi 6 routers are already available to the market. If you're buying any high-end stuff check if it supports Wi-Fi 6. For Example, new-gen laptops that are coming out these days support Wi-Fi 6. Many of the new smartphones for example from Samsung and some other vendors also support Wi-Fi 6.

So again if you find something new high-end and you will be using it for the next couple of years check if that supports Wi-Fi 6 because the Wi-Fi 6 is going to be there everywhere and once you have that, the internet connectivity that you have will be a lot better and stable.

Personally, for me, I am currently using Google home and it's just connected on Wi-Fi AC that's Wi-Fi 5. So I will wait for sometime before upgrading to the Wi-Fi 6. Now currently my router and some of the smartphones do support Wi-Fi 6 but I will wait for about the end of this year and see and then only move to a new Wi-Fi 6 router but again make sure before purchasing any smart gadgets check if it comes with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility.

Hope this article was helpful to know how Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E will be.

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