Best Wi-Fi Broadband Connection In Kolkata

Kolkata's Best Wi-Fi Broadband Connection. The best internet service provider in Kolkata and West Bengal.

There are many best internet service providers available in Kolkata. All of them deliver excellent internet services at competitive prices. So, lets go through best Wi-Fi broadband connection in Kolkata for gaming and work.

Note: All internet service providers I listed have there fixed localities and areas where they serve in Kolkata, It will vary which location you stay. Contact them before taking a connection, make sure their services are available in your area. Speeds may also vary it is not guaranteed that you will get exact speed mentioned. You have to confirm it while taking a connection.

Connection types provided by all of these providers below:

1. CAT5 or 6 LAN. ( Very Common type of connection with cheap installation charges ).

Best internet service provider in Kolkata

2. Fiber. ( Very Popular type of connection with high bandwidth and reliability. The installation charge is a bit high compared to the LAN type. I recommend taking fiber connection if available on your area ).

Best internet service provider in Kolkata

3. ADSL ( Only provided by BSNL but this connection type is outdated now ). 

Best internet service provider in Kolkata

So, want to know which broadband is best in Kolkata?

In this article, I will list some of the best internet service providers/broadband connection in Kolkata with plans and these providers are popular in most of the locations including other ISP's which are available:

1. Alliance Broadband.

Alliance broadband is one of the most popular internet service providers in Kolkata with good speeds. Alliance provides unlimited speeds starting from 60Mbps up to 1Gbps.

Service Type: Excellent.

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2. Siti Networks or Siti Broadband.

Siti Broadband Kolkata is also one of the good internet service providers in Kolkata. Siti Broadband services are under indinet. Siti Broadband provides unlimited speeds starting from 60Mbps up to 250Mbps. 

Service Type: Ok. ( Sometimes bandwidth drops but overall other services are good ).

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3. Hathway.

Hathway is popular in most of the places but available in limited locations only. Hathway provides a good amount of speed starting from 25Mbps up to 200Mbps.

Service Type: Good.

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Some of the other internet service providers in Kolkata include:

> Wishnet

    Check Plans Here

> BSNL Broadband.

    Check Plans Here.

> Airtel Broadband.

    Check Plans Here.

> Jio Fiber.

    Check Plans Here.

> Meghbela PMPL Broadband.

    Check Plans Here.

> Bittel Broadband

    Check Plans Here.

> Tikona Broadband.

    Check Plans Here.

That's all!

* Note: List will be updated if i find new service providers.  

Which Routers to use for your broadband connection?

Purchase a good router that supports at least 5Ghz Wi-Fi with at least 3 Antennas to get good wifi range. 

Best internet service provider in Kolkata

If you are taking 100Mbps plans or below then go for routers that support at least 100Mbps or above. Nowadays almost all common routers support 100Mbps. But if you are going for 200Mbps or above plans then you have to choose Gigabit routers where your WAN port supports up to 1000Mbps then only you will achieve speeds otherwise many routers are labeled with 300Mbps or 750Mbps over Wi-Fi only but there WAN port is restricted to 100Mbps. 

So if you take 200 Mbps plan and you are using 100Mbps router then you will get 100Mbps speed only. So always check routers before buying according to your broadband plans. In the case of Fiber connection a converter is being provided to convert Fiber input to LAN output, check the maximum speed supported by that converter also the LAN cables provided, maximum supported speeds will be mentioned over the cable.

Note: If you have any issues while choosing one of these broadband connections, comment down below I will definitely get back to you. If you know any other providers who are not on this list above mention it on comments I will look into it.

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  1. We have Alliance broadband and it’s so up and down speed-wise, but usually down. It’ll be 50mbps and then 4mbps. This is really the best internet in Kolkata?
    1. Not likely! But market is full of competition based on area you live alliance is although good as i have used it also you can look for Jio or Airtel xstream fiber.
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