How to get Google AdSense approval with Blogger / WordPress?

How to get Google AdSense approval with Blogger/WordPress? Apply for AdSense. Approve the AdSense account easily by following some steps.


How to get Google AdSense approval with Blogger / WordPress?

Are you looking for Google AdSense approval? In this article, I will explain how to obtain approval for your blogger or WordPress-based websites. 


What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad network using which you can monetize your blog to earn money. 

What are the requirements for the Google AdSense approval? 

> You must be 18 years old.


> Your website must be unique with original and interesting content.


> Your website must follow Google AdSense program/publisher policies.


> You must have an active Gmail account.


> Make sure you don't have duplicate AdSense accounts on same name, phone number and address.

Steps to be followed for Google AdSense approval with Blogger / WordPress

> Choose Top-Level Domains like .com, .co, .org, .in etc.

> Try avoiding free domains. You also get AdSense approval on the domain but it will take over 6 months.

> Select any Niche of your choice which does not violate Google Adsense policies. Avoid illegal or copyrighted content.

> Make sure you check languages that AdSense supports before applying for your website. English content is highly prioritized. If your blog is on other languages check on Adsense support for the supported languages.

> Use non-copyright images on your website. I will suggest you use images from free websites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, etc. 

> Don't use Google images directly, if it is important then filter using usage rights and use the image with credits.

> You need to Post at least 20 + Articles, each with a length of 1000 Words or more. Always try not to copy any of the content from other websites. Make sure your content is unique and original as possible. You can also keep word count below 1000 but try to keep maximum articles above within 1000 words or above.


Note: Try to work on low competition keywords so that you can rank easily if you are a beginner.


> Create important pages like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, etc. 

> If you have an affiliate website don't forget to put an affiliate disclaimer. 

> You can use generator tools like privacy policy generator etc.

> Add your website to the Google WebMaster tool. Also, add all your post links so that your posts appear in Google search results.

> Submit sitemaps which are very important. The sitemap looks like " ".

> Use SSL i.e "https" on your website.

> Use optimized theme that is simple and fast loading doesn't make your website look fancy. Your website must be user friendly and easy to navigate.

> Make sure you categorize your content properly to make your website user friendly.

How to apply for Google AdSense account?

> Go to Google AdSense sign-in page and click sign in.


> Signup with your Google account.


> Enter your website URL, Email address then select yes.


> Then you will be asked to paste a code copy and paste it between <head> and </head>.


> Click submit. Google will find the code and verify your website once done your website will be under review.


> Usually it takes 24-48 hours. But in some cases, it might take up to 2 weeks.


> Make sure you put your orginal name, phone number and address on your AdSense account.

Tips to avoid rejection from Google Adsense after applying

> Don't copy articles from other websites or rewrite any article or change it. Plagiarism checkers may show the article is unique but Google is very smart to catch you copying. 

> If you get an error " Your site adheres to AdSense Programme Policies" or any policy violation error then there can be several issues on your website like unoriginal content, content that is already available in large volume, uniqueness and quality of content, illegal or copyrighted content, images, theme, page not found, articles not indexed, menu / navigation bar not properly designed, etc. 


Sometimes this types of errors also come if you apply for AdSense multiple times using different gmail accounts. Make sure you delete them and apply freshly with one account only.


> Read AdSense Program and Content policies Here before applying.

> Continue publishing posts and update your website regularly after applying for AdSense.


> Use light and simple theme which is optimized properly and loads fast. Make sure the theme you use is mobile friendly.  

> If you get rejected multiple times then wait for sometime keep publishing posts and make changes on your website as most of the times due to content and site design only your website gets rejected.

Don't worry even I am being rejected 7 times with different errors. If you do everything perfectly then you will definitely get approval.

My final thoughts on How to get Google AdSense approval with Blogger / WordPress.

Follow all the steps mentioned above. Let your website run a little old, drive some traffic organically, or from social media then only go for Adsense approval. Share your website on social media websites like Quora, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


At least prepare your website in such a way that it provides value and informative content.


Search Engine Optimization is very important if you want to rank your post. Although rankings don't matter for approval but to earn money you have to write SEO friendly articles to get Organic traffic. 

If you follow all these above steps then there will be more chances for getting AdSense approval quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does Google AdSense pay for 1000 impressions?


You can earn approximately $0.50 to $1.50. Also, it depends on traffic sources like if users are coming from the US, UK like countries then your earnings can be more in some cases based on user interaction.

2. How does Blogger qualify for AdSense? Your blog doesn't currently qualify for AdSense.

Keep your website up to date with genuine content. At least post 50 + articles, after 6 months if your website qualifies and follows Adsense policies then you will get sign up button in the earnings section. Sign up for AdSense and your blog will be ready to show ads. I will suggest if you can go for a custom domain then you can apply for AdSense within 2-3 months but for the Blogspot domain, you have to wait for 6 months.

3. When should I apply for AdSense?


You can apply for AdSense once you have prepared your website properly by fulfilling all the AdSense policies. At least wait 2-3 months then apply for AdSense. I highly suggest at least bring some organic traffic daily before applying.

4. Why is AdSense disapproved?


Your website must follow all the AdSense program policies. If you are getting error then you can contact the AdSense support team by asking why your website is disapproved. You might get some solutions out there and reasons behind disapproval.

5. How many times can you apply for AdSense?


You can apply for AdSense multiple times using the same Gmail account but make sure you can have only one AdSense account using the same name, phone number, address. If you got rejected or don't have any other approved account then you can reapply using that same account. If your account is permanently banned then you have to apply using a different Gmail account.

6. How many posts / articles are required for AdSense? 


It is recommended at least 20 + posts with 1000 + words.

7. Can I make 2 AdSense accounts?


Yes but you have to use your family member's details you cannot sign up using the same details which you used in your current active AdSense account.

8. How much traffic required for AdSense approval?


The traffic requirement is 0 but at least try getting organic traffic of 100+ visitors everyday else there is no mean for running after approval as you will earn nothing.


9. How long does AdSense take to approve? AdSense approval time.

You can get approval within 24-48 Hours but in some cases it might take up to 2 weeks or more. So you have to check your email regularly for updates.

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