PUBG Mobile India re-launch officially announced after the ban

As per the official announcement by  PUBG Corporation PUBG Mobile is coming back to India after certain checks and balances. Good news for Indian PUBG players as PUBG Mobile India re-launch officially announced after the ban

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular and loved online games in India.

PUBG Mobile India re-launch officially announced after the ban
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How different will be PUBG Mobile Indian version after the launch?

PUBG Mobile will return to India in a new avatar as said by parent company PUBG Corporation. PUBG Corporation and Bluehole parent company Krafton announced a partnership with Microsoft.

The company also has plans to make an investment worth $100 million to develop one of the largest markets of PUBG Mobile, ESports, etc. in India.

The in-game content will be tailored to reflect local needs, specially customized for Indian gamers. The game will also include a feature that places restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players.

PUBG has stated that it plans to create an Indian subsidiary, which will help in communication with players and provide them with localized services.

PUBG Mobile India will have the privacy and security of Indian player's data as its top priority, according to the company. It will conduct regular audits and verifications on the storage systems holding Indian user's personally identifiable information to reinforce security.

                                              PUBG Mobile coming to India official teaser.

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How to do pre-registration for the PUBG Mobile India version?

PUBG Mobile India is getting a huge response from the gamer community registered on Tap Tap. 

PUBG Mobile India version is not available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store yet. 

Steps to be followed for pre-registration for the PUBG Mobile India:

> Visit Tap Tap Website Here.

> Click on Pre Register. (Available for Android & IOS both).

PUBG Mobile India re-launch officially announced after the ban

> Log In to your account using your registered email and phone number and it's done.

Note: PUBG Corp. has not officially revealed any information on the launch date etc. of PUBG mobile India, it might get released by the end of 2020. Also, users will get back the old IDs in the new PUBG mobile India version using which users used to play before the ban. The listing on Tap Tap store is not yet verified authenticity yet to be confirmed. 

When PUBG Mobile India will comeback?

PUBG India was officially registered as a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. With the government approving company registration, PUBG Mobile India will launch soon and will be available to download on Google Play Store & App Store. 

Visit Official Website Here.

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