Payal Gaming: Best girl gamer in India; real name Payal Dhare

Payal Gaming: Best girl gamer in India; real name Payal Dhare
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Payal Gaming, real name Payal Dhaare is one of the most popular gamer girl and streamer of India. She started her YouTube Career with PUBG Mobile in 2019. She currently has above 350K + Subscribers on YouTube & she also streams on other streaming platforms like LOCO where she has 37k + followers. It's all about her hard work & dedication she has given. She is so lovely & good in nature due to which her audience supports her a lot no matter whatever games she plays. 

It is very much difficult to become a girl gamer but she has proved that girls can do a lot to support the gaming community in India with new talents in gaming, on the basis of which many new girl gamers are joining the community. She is inspiring all those creators and gamers who are thinking to start their career with YouTube.

As we all know girl gamers are trolled in India but she is very strong and she always remains positive & focused on her goals. She always cares for her fans a lot, she plays game whichever games her fans demand & also play with her fans & does 6-10 hours stream regularly.


What games does Payal Gaming play? 


She loves playing PC & Mobile games and she does amazing streams filled with fun, emotions, and attachments. 


She started streaming PUBG Mobile and became a popular PUBG Mobile content creator for TSM Entity. Also, she plays GTA 5 Roleplay as Mona Darling's character, including other PC games like horror, shooting, strategy, etc. To be honest, she does next level Roleplay previously she played on Legacy server & now she is playing on SVRP (SubVersion RolePlay).

On mobile, she plays mostly Call of Duty Mobile & PUBG on stream. She has also played for Higin ESports as a team leader for the Call of Duty mobile tournament.

So, make sure you follow her on Youtube & Loco to watch her streams it's too entertaining. She also uploads awesome game highlights on her Facebook page follow her there too. 

Does Payal Gaming do sponsor streams?

Yes, as per the latest information she does sponsor streams powered by Redbull India & Monster Energy. 

Payal Gaming sharing her journey & much more. 


Video Credits: Sportskeeda eSports.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Payal Gaming Discord:


> Server Link.


Make sure you join her Discord server it's one of the awesome servers partnered with Discord. You will find lots of friends who are very much helpful to each other. Also, events are conducted where various artists sing songs you will enjoy a lot.


2. Payal Gaming Loco: | Channel Name: PayalGaming


3. Payal Gaming Instagram ID:




Make sure you follow her on Insta as she posts awesome pictures out there also she keeps her fans up to date if any via story. 


4. Payal Gaming Age:


> 20.


5. Payal Gaming Real Name:


> Payal Dhare.


6. Payal Gaming Wikipedia:


> Not yet available.


7. Payal Gaming Youtube channel:




8. Payal Gaming Twitter:

9. Payal Gaming Facebook: 




10. Payal Gaming Religion:


> Hindu.


11. Payal Gaming Height:


> 5'9. 


12. Hobbies of Payal Gaming:


> Other than streaming she loves cooking & singing.


13. Payal Gaming inspiration for streaming:




14. What is the dream of Payal Gaming?


> Her dream is to make her Family Proud that whatever decision she took was not wrong and to inspire more Female Gamer's to come up in the community. She is also trying to uplift all those talented young creators who feel scared to start a YouTube channel. She also said that her parents always supports her in her all needs. 

15. Where does Payal Gaming stay city/hometown?

> Madhya Pradesh, Chhindwara.

16. Which device does Payal Gaming use for playing mobile games?


> IPhone 11 Pro Max.


17. Payal Gaming fan pages:






18. Payal Gaming Boyfriend: 

> She is Single.

19. Is Payal Gaming still in TSM Entity?


> As per updates she has left Entity.


20. Payal Gaming Pubg ID:


> 5156387927. 


21. Payal Gaming email id for business inquiry: 




22. Payal Gaming Phone Number for support via GPay & Paytm:


>  8827719192.


23. Payal Gaming Birthday:


> 18 September 2000.


24. Payal Gaming PC Specs:


• PROCESSOR - Amd Ryzen 7 3700X.
• RAM - RGB 16GB (8GBx2) DDR 4 3200MHz.
• HEADSET - Logitech G Pro.
• CAMERA - Logitech C922.
• MOUSE - Logitech G402 Wired Gaming Mouse.
• KEYBOARD - Ant Esports MK 1000 Blue Switches.
• MONITOR - Samsung L524F350FHWXXL 24inch Gaming Monitor.
• MIC - Blue Yeti.

25. Payal Gaming PC setup:

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Note: This article is written by her FAN & will be updated based on current updates.



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  1. Really an inspiring journey of Payal mam. After reading this article she have gained more and more respect in our eyes❤️❤️

  2. Article is filled with emotions nd love towards payal mam nd it is too op loved it nd always support for maam like this only very soon mam will be reaching 1million subs #payal mam op ❤💛

  3. Thanks Bhai For sharing . I also love gaming


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