How to enable read recipients in discord PC/Mobile?

How do I know if the person I am messaging on Discord has read my message or not? How to enable read recipients in Discord on PC/Mobile?

Are you looking for an enabling read receipt? In this article I will address how to enable read recipients in Discord PC/Mobile.

How to enable read recipients in discord PC/Mobile?

What is Discord & What is Discord used for?

Discord is a free service that is accessible from mobile devices and PC. Discord allows users to talk with their friends over a voice channel on a particular server or via DM ( Direct message ) or by video calls. You can create a server with different roles to hang out with your friends. Discord also allows you to share photos & videos including file sharing.

Does Discord have read recipients?

No, unfortunately, discord doesn’t have read receipts that means if you send a message to anyone you will never know whether that person has read your messages or not, which I think is more often helpful than not. On a platform where the intended purpose was to connect with people for the sake of playing a game or now more recently, studying where there must be fewer distractions.

If each user knew the exact time when the other read the message, they would think too much about why they aren’t getting a timely response. Plus, it would be much harder to ignore someone if they knew that you’d read their message.

There is a way to see if your friend is typing in any mutual servers during the time that your friend hasn’t responded to your message, By doing this you can then surmise that your friend has read your message and ignored it.

Ultimately it’s all about guessing until your friend responds.

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