Payal Gaming's biography, aka Payal Dhare, is a popular girl gamer in India

Biography of Payal Gaming, real name Payal Dhare. She is a YouTube content creator, streamer, and gamer.

In this article, let's know who is Payal Gaming also known as Payal Dhare, she belongs to Madhya Pradesh, Chhindwara. Currently, she has shifted to Mumbai to explore opportunities within and beyond gaming. She is most popular & first ever girl gamer in the YouTube space of India who surpassed 2.5 Million subscribers. She has achieved all this within 2 years in a very less amount of time since she started streaming. Her talent is beyond exceptions, her skills are polished and clean.


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She is cute and emotional by heart and hardworking when it comes to Gaming. Apart from being a gamer, she is a content creator who entertains & influences her audience with her funny gameplay videos, sponsored content & vlogs. She has a massive fanbase who flocks to watch her videos and livestreams daily. Her humble and friendly nature has helped her rise quickly throughout her YouTube journey.

She had faced a lot of difficulties and hatred in her career till now still she is strong and determined. Through her smile and dedication,  she has turned all the hatred into love. She is so far one of the best people I have ever met both behind the screen and in front of the screen. 


She started her YouTube Career with PUBG Mobile Streams in 2020. She currently has above 2.5M + Subscribers on YouTube & on other streaming platforms like Loco she has around 150K + followers.


Let's know in brief how she managed to reach this position

Whatever she is now it's all about the hard work & dedication she has given. She is so lovely & good in nature due to which her audience supports her a lot no matter whatever games she plays.

It is very much difficult to become a girl gamer but she has proved that girls can do a lot to support the gaming community in India with new talents in gaming, on the basis of which many new girl gamers are joining the community. She is inspiring all those creators and gamers who are thinking to start their career with YouTube.

As we all know that girl gamers are trolled in India but she is a very strong girl and remains positive and focused on her goals. She always listens to her fans and plays games whichever they are interested to watch. Sometimes, she also plays with her subscribers and members. She streams regularly for 3 to 6 hours and sometimes more than that and even did 12 hours + stream. She is one of the most hardworking streamers and let's appreciate the fact that she is entertaining her audience through her streams.

Quick bio about Payal Gaming

Payal Gaming aka Payal Dhare, her profession is gaming, streaming & content creation. Previously she was a content creator for Entity Gaming (TSM Entity), now she joined S8ul Organization in July 2021 to make herself an even bigger and even better content creator for the S8ul family.


She became famous for her awesome PUBG Mobile gameplay and also due to the way she engages her audience and influences them. Most of her fans are real fans of her, not just game fans.

Awards & Acheivements

1. Face of the Year 2021 award on July 3, 2021 at the startup business meet in Chhindwara.

2. Fan Favourite Streamer Of The Year (Female) at the KFC presents Loco India Gaming Awards, Co-Powered by MX Player, which was held on September 18th in Mumbai.

3. Honored as "Hungama Game Changers—2022,"from the gaming genre.

4. At the GEM Awards 2022 (Animation Xpress), she was awarded as the best female gaming content creator of the year 2022.

5. Dynamic Gaming Creator of the Year at Creators United 2023.

What kind of games does Payal Gaming play & stream on YouTube?


She loves playing PC & Mobile games and she does amazing streams filled with fun, emotions, and attachments. 


On mobile, she plays mostly BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) which is her main game & sometimes Call of Duty Mobile & others on stream. 


On PC, she plays GTA 5 Roleplay as Mona Darling / Maddy character, including other multiplayer PC games like horror, shooting, open-world & mostly story mode games, etc. 


She does Roleplay on servers called Legacy, SVRP (SubVersion RolePlay), Grand RP, NoPixel India, VLT RP etc.


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She has also played for Higin ESports as a team leader for the Call of Duty mobile tournament.  Also, she played a mobile gaming tournament, Dominate 2.0, powered by the OnePlus 9R 5G supported by COD Mobile & many more tournaments of PC & Mobile games powered by AMD etc.

So, make sure you follow her on Youtube & Loco to watch her streams including game highlights it's too entertaining.


Note: Currently, Payal is YouTube partnered, so she exclusively streams on YouTube only.

Does Payal Gaming do sponsor streams or make sponsored videos?

Yes, she does sponsor streams for brands like Redbull India, Monster Energy, Pubg Mobile/BGMI by Krafton, AMD, etc. Apart from that, she also does sponsored promotions on Instagram/YouTube for brands such as Oneplus, Samsung, MSI, and others, as well as for other games or gaming-related brands, apps, or fashion/cosmetic brands.

Payal Gaming biography her journey on gaming career, streaming & much more. 


Initially, she was not at all into gaming at that time. Her friends suggested downloading PUBG Mobile thereafter she started playing and made friends in the gaming community. She also took inspiration from popular Youtube creators. Previously she used to play on android & when she realized that she started gaining some skills in the game, so she recorded her gameplay and started posting videos on Instagram. Her videos were well received by the public and they supported her after seeing her videos and gameplays. To keep her gameplays lag-free, she purchased iPhone. After that, she started Youtube as a passion or part of her hobby, initially, she used to post gameplay videos & crate openings, etc. & do voice-over while playing & slowly after that fans insisted her to try streaming with facecam & she continued with it so far. 

One of her old friends Ghatak etc. from the community suggested & motivated her for working as a content creator for Entity Org., where she worked for a few months initially & left afterwards. After couple of months she got an offer to join 8bit Creatives & after a while she joined S8uL as a content creator. At that time, When she got a good response from viewers, she made the choice to relocate, as she needed a place where the internet was better, which was around 30 kilometres away from Chhindwara. She stayed alone away from her family & made a workspace with equipment & set up for Youtube & Streaming. Payal has currently relocated to Mumbai for better exposure and to explore other content beyond gaming, both in terms of growth and potential, as Mumbai is the epicentre of many well-known industries.

But when PUBG Mobile was banned in India, she started playing several other PC & Mobile games to engage her audience until BGMI comeback.

So far, her journey had been very difficult as we all know that it is very challenging for a girl gamer to grow and survive in the community after being trolled or judged by others. She faced criticism as well. A lot of it is around how ‘oh she’s a good-looking girl; that’s why she has followers’," also there has been body shaming as well. But she is blessed to have her parent's support and her audience too stood by her side supporting her in all ups and downs in such a less amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions  


1. Payal Gaming - Instagram, Loco, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Snapchat, Youtube shorts channel, Spotify playlists :

(Note: All Links to Payal Gaming Social Media handles are available on the above link, do checkout. )

2. What is the real name of Payal Gaming?

> Real name of Payal Gaming is Payal Dhare.


3. Is Payal Gaming available on Wikipedia?

> Not yet available. 


4. Is Payal gaming from Chhindwara? 


> Yes, she is from Chhindwara.  


5. Religion of Payal Gaming? 


> She is Hindu. 


6. What is the height of Payal Gaming? 


> Her height is " 5'8 ".  


7. Hobbies / interest of Payal Gaming?  


> Other than streaming she loves cooking, gaming & singing. She is also interested in Media / mass communication & Modelling also she is a fitness freak. She also loves photography & clicks beautiful photos of herself & posts on Instagram.  


8. Who is the inspiration of Payal Gaming for streaming? 


> DANUCD. She is also inspired by some big content creators in India, like MortaL. 


9. Dreams of Payal Gaming? 


> Her dream is to make her Family Proud that whatever decision she took was not wrong and to inspire more Female Gamers to come up in the community. She is also trying to uplift all those talented young creators who feel scared to start a YouTube channel, likewise her YouTube channel is inspiring millions of young girls to reclaim that spot from her one day. She also said that her parents always support her in her all needs.  


10. In which city / hometown Payal Gaming stay? 


> Her Hometown is in Madhya Pradesh, Chhindwara. Now she shifted to Mumbai. 


11. Which device does Payal Gaming use for playing mobile games? 


> She plays on iPhone 13 Pro Max. 


12. What is Payal Gaming's boyfriend's name, and is she married?


> Now it's a very personal question, let's not talk about it. Answer to this question is "NO"  If she has been in a relationship, she will let her fans know. As of now she is Single & Unmarried.


13. Payal Gaming's family: Her mother's name: Mrs. Sangeeta Dhare; her sister's name: Ms. Bhumika Dhare; and her father's name: Mr. Shivshankar Dhare.


14. Payal Gaming's sister Instagram id:


> Bhumika Dhare | Username: bhumika.dhare_

15. Payal Gaming's mother Instagram id:


> Sangeeta Dhare | Username: sangeetadhare

16. Is Payal Gaming still in Entity?  


> No, She has left Entity. 


17. What is the ID of Payal Gaming in BGMI?  


> BGMI: 5120321397. Her in game name is  " S8ulPÄYÄL". 


18. What is the COD mobile id & in-game name of Payal Gaming? 


> Her COD Mobile ID is 6868034235983921153, and her in game name is " PayaloP ".


19. What is the surname of Payal Gaming? 


> It's Dhare.


20. What is Payal Gaming Instagram ID? 


>  Payal Gaming | Username: payalgamingg


21. Why is Payal Gaming famous?


> She is famous for her PUBG Mobile game plays & entertaining streams, also she is the first ever girl gamer in India who surpassed millions of subscribers in a very less amount of time & inspiring lots of young girl gamers. 


22. What is the email id of Payal Gaming for business inquiries? 


> | 


23. What is the phone number of Payal Gaming for support via gpay & paytm? 


> 8827719192.


24. What does Payal Gaming love to eat? 


> Chocolates, Ice cream, Cheese sandwich, Grilled pineapple, Nutella waffles, Sweets ( Kaju katli, Gulab jamun her favorite), etc. & so on. She is a coffee lover sometimes tea depends on her.  


25. Where from Payal Gaming did schooling/college & which field she opted for higher studies? 


> She did her schooling from Maharishi Vidya Mandir Chhindwara till 11th & completed her 12th in a different school. Regarding college, she studied at Rungta College in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Also, she opted for BCCA for further higher studies after college. 


26. Birthday of Payal Gaming? 


> She was born on 18 September 2000. 


27. What is the income / earnings of Payal Gaming? 


>She earns more than enough to afford her expenses including managing for her family. Earnings are sustainable based on Ad Revenue, Brand deals, etc. so they may vary. 


28. What are the PC specifications for Payal Gaming that she uses for streaming?


> The new specs are yet to be updated here.


29. Who are the favorite singers of Payal Gaming?  


> Anuv Jain, Atif Aslam, Zaeden, etc. 


30. Who is the favourite actor or actress of Payal Gaming?


> Bolloywood: Ranvir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, etc.

   Hollywood: Damon Salvatore, etc.


31. What is the age of Payal Gaming?


> 22.


32.  What is the Valorant id of Payal Gaming? 


> PAYAL#5749.


33. When did Payal Gaming cross 1 Million on Instagram? 


> On 20 March 2022.


34. When did Payal Gaming cross 1 Million on YouTube? 


> On 29 June 2021.


35. When did Payal Gaming cross 2 Million on YouTube? 


> On 10 April 2022. 


36. When did Payal Gaming joined S8UL as a content creator?  


> In July 2021.


37. When Payal Gaming got verified on Instagram?  


> On 7 June 2022.


38. Payal Gaming's gaming and streaming PC setup


Note: This article is written by her FAN & will be updated based on current updates. The information above is accurate & collected from different sources & from Payal Gaming itself.

An Engineer by passion and Technology Enthusiast.


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