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What is 6G technology? How efficient it will be?

What is 6G technology? How efficient will it be? 6G speeds can reach 1 TBps or more. It will be one of the most reliable and fastest networks.

As 5G networks are being rolled out, new requirements are driving scientists and engineers back to the lab to start developing 6G. In this article lets know what is 6G technology & how efficient this network will be.

What is 6G technology? How efficient it will be?

It is very difficult to predict what exactly 6G will be for instance the research on 5G started around 2009 however the exact features of 5G were defined with other standardization bodies much later in 2015 similar uncertainties were also observed for the predictions over 3G and 4G at the time of their inception. 

Expected 6G speeds

However, expected predictions for 6G Speeds can be up to 1TBps. 6G data rate will not be the main attraction as the 5G latency of one millisecond would be further reduced to micro s order device densities.

How 6G will work and how much efficient it will be?

As we know data demands are increasing after 6G gets implemented all smart devices, remote operations, robots, augmented reality will be much more reliable with microsecond latency. IoT connectivity will be much denser than the 5G the real Digital Ecosystem would be realized in 6G energy efficiency will be certainly better than the 5G spectral efficiency. It will be better than that of 5G more artificial intelligence AI and machine learning applications will be found in 6G mobile handsets would not be used just for communication rather they would become personal digital assistants of individuals 6G will be a hybrid ubiquitous network which would incorporate all advances contemporary technologies. 6G will work on a mesh network for network reliability will increase as millimeter waves can't travel at longer distances so every handset will work as a tower. As we know 5G network is becoming difficult to implement everywhere so where 6G will be much more difficult with terahertz frequency as the higher the frequency lesser the wavelength.

In its ambit in 6G optical networking would play bigger roles than any previous generations security is expected to be much better in 6G when compared with 5G quantum communication and cryptography are expected to be deployed in 6G more complex device to devise communications are expected in 6G. 

6G would be a very complex hybrid system optical and wireless communications 6G would incorporate all the advanced ideas and techniques of the contemporary technologies currently the following communication technologies are better than the proposed 5G specifications pawns provide higher data rates lower latency and reliability even terabit pawns are available which can carry gigantic amounts of data terabit Ethernet will be available shortly 400 Gbps.

Ethernet is already available high throughput satellites HTS s are capable of dealing with high data rates for high data rate communication over the oceans deserts and unconnected territories. It is essential Wi-Fi communication in the access area can provide data rates of 100 Gbps and beyond.

Let's evaluate conclusions appropriately the major shortcomings of 5G will lead to the next generation of mobile ICT computing capabilities of the 6G devices would be better than those of 5G AI n machine learning applications would find prolific presence in 6G the deployment of 6G would start around 2030 it would be very much energy and bandwidth-efficient the new dimensions such as satellite integration are expected to find places in the 6G ambit the G race in mobile communications would be over with 5G so 6G and other future generations will not create the craze and publicity like the previous versions.

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