The truth about overcharging your phone

Is overcharging your phone a good thing or a bad thing? This article is all about how to charge your phone efficiently and get good battery life.

Is overcharging your phone a good thing or a bad thing? In this article let's know the truth about overcharging your phone. We often charge and discharge our phone in the wrong way, as in our busy schedules we often don't care about how much or up to what percentage we are charging or discharging our smart phone's battery. Let's go deep into how efficiently we can charge our phone and what things we need to take care of.

Charging Cycles

Batteries in phones only have a limited amount of charging cycles. Charge your battery in short bursts throughout the day, and rarely let it go from zero to one hundred.

How to prevent damage to the battery?

One simple solution is that, don't overcharge it. Another way is to always buy chargers from the manufacturer which is genuine also you can use third-party chargers but they must be of a good brand with the optimal output ratings.

What else can damage the battery?

One of the only things that can damage your phone battery is heat, which can be generated if the device is left charging too long which basically means overcharging.

Upgrade in technology to prevent damage to the battery

Even though today's technology has come so far, that when a smartphone is fully charged it will stop the current flowing into it, to make sure it does not damage the battery.

Final thoughts

To ensure maximum battery life safety always charge your phone on a flat or hard surface or remove your back cover if possible, to allow for heat to escape and keep your device charging in spurts throughout the day. Charge your phone with good efficient chargers. Try not drowning your battery percentage below 20% & charging above 80%, maintain your charge-discharge percentage levels between 20%-80% this will increase your battery lifespan. Sometimes you can discharge till 0% or charge it up to 100% in emergencies but it's recommended to follow this charging habit to maintain between 20% - 80% you can also top up your battery anytime no matter if it is 40% or 50% it's good for your battery but don't leave it on charge overnight although your smartphone or chargers have overcharge protection but still. It's very important not to use your phone while charging or do any kind of heavy task as it heats your battery &  can cause problems, use only after charging.

( Note: If you drop your battery charge level to 0% & charge it up to 100% in this process your battery completes 1 charge cycle & Li-Ion batteries have a certain amount of life cycles which is set by manufacturer but if you continue doing this charging-discharging cycles from 0%-100% again from 100% to 0% then the battery starts losing its capacity  & will not last longer then usual, your battery will not give enough backup & you may need to replace your battery soon. This charging cycle is typically used to specify a battery's expected life & it will depend based on your charging habits at what percentage levels you do charging & discharging.

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