How to download free movies directly without torrent?

When any new movies or series are released people always look for free downloads or search over torrents & keep looking for them which becomes complicated sometimes as not all torrent sites are reliable for quick downloads. 

So, here is the trick where you can download free movies/series without a torrent via Google search. 


Following are the steps to be followed:

> Go to Google search

> Now type in a combination of the following: Movie Title - Quality - RIP - intext: index of or you can search directly by typing " index of (movie or series name) ".

Example: index of stranger things.


How to download free movies directly without torrent?

> Select The Link in google search results that display the index of /Data/name1/name2 etc. as shown in the above image.


How to download free movies directly without torrent?

> Click on the link and find the movie or series you are searching for & tap on it to download which you can see in the image above.

That is all!

Now you can enjoy downloading movies without any torrent for free. If you find any problem while applying this trick feel free to let me know in the comments below. I hope this article was helpful & informative.

Note: It is not necessary that you will find all movies & series this way but you can find some, reasons due to copyright or piracy issues & I will always recommend watching movies on OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, etc. rather applying such tricks or downloading it from unreliable sources.

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