How to gift and receive gifted membership on YouTube?

This article let us know how to gift & receive gifted membership of a channel on YouTube as a creator & member of the particular channel

You can gift membership on a YouTube channel now! But the catch is you have to gift through your Personal Computer or Desktop mode in the mobile browser. 


How to gift and receive gifted membership on YouTube?

Conditions applied: You have to be a member first of that particular channel to get the membership gift option, but the YouTube app on a phone can't be used for gifting instead open YouTube on any browser on desktop view mode.

How to gift?

Let's see in steps:

> Click the $ button next to the live chat you will find membership gift option to purchase memberships during live stream.

How to gift and receive gifted membership on YouTube?
Youtube Channel: Payal Gaming

> Subscribers have to opt-in to be eligible to receive gifts on a channel. During the Beta, users can opt in by clicking ‘Allow Gifts’ when prompted.

How to gift and receive gifted membership on YouTube?
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> YouTube distributes gifted memberships to subscribers based on how much they interact with your channel. Loyal viewers are more likely to receive gift memberships than first-time viewers for 1 Month of access to perks.

> After that subscribers will get notified with a personal live chat message that you have been gifted membership like this and also through email if they receive a gift membership. A gifted membership is non-recurring and the recipient doesn’t incur any fees.


Monetized YouTube channels have the option to earn revenue by offering memberships to users. A channel membership grants perks such as special icons that show up in a creator’s comment section, members-only live streams, and more. Previously, users could only buy memberships for themselves but now with membership gifting, channel members can buy a set number of memberships 5, 10, or 20 in a single purchase.

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