Is BGMI banned? BGMI ban in India reason

Battlegrounds Mobile India, aka BGMI, has been banned in India. According to reports from Reuters, BGMI has been blocked under the IT act, Section 69A of the IT Act empowers the government to restrict access to any content in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of the country, security of the state, friendly relations with foreign states or for public order.

The game was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on Thursday, July 28, 2022. BGMI was launched last year after its previous version i.e PUBG Mobile which was banned by the Indian government in 2020 due to security reasons. 

Is BGMI banned? BGMI ban in India reason

But, PUBG New State, which was developed by BGMI's maker, Krafton, is still available for download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Google and Krafton’s statements on the BGMI ban in India

In a statement, Google said that it is done after "government order". "On receipt of the order, following established process, we have notified the affected developer and have blocked access to the app that remained available on the Play Store in India", Apple hasn't revealed an official statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, Krafton said, "We are clarifying how BGMI was removed from Google Play and will let you know once we get specific information."

Why exactly is BGMI banned in India and what could be the reason?

BGMI has not been banned permanently as of now. There is no exact reason behind the removal of the app from the Play store & Apple app store. It is safe to assume that this happened because BGMI disobeyed some rules or guidelines, but it seems to be linked to some recent alleged incidents that happened, which is disturbing. It may also be for data security reasons, which can be a threat to national security, which was the case with PUBG Mobile. It can also be for betting, in-app purchases where huge amounts are being spent and children getting addicted. As of now, it is not clear what the exact reason for the ban is.

As per reports, the developer, i.e. Krafton, might be working closely with the government to resolve the concerns. 

Is BGMI banned? BGMI ban in India reason

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar noted that PUBG was banned in India in 2020, but banned apps have been resurfacing in new avatars. This was a clear reference to BGMI, which launched as a new version of PUBG Mobile.

The reason for banning the app is not evident. “The confidentiality clause in the blocking rules prevent the intermediaries also from communicating about this which goes against the law of natural justice. It is time to take a relook at the confidentiality provision of the blocking rules,”said Prasanth Sugathan, Legal Director,

My Thoughts on BGMI Ban

Overall, if the government is taking some steps against the game, then there will definitely be a valid reason. Although it is disappointing for BGMI fans, including creators and the BGMI esports community, I believe that games should be played within the limits so that no one is harmed, and parents should take care of their children and keep records of their spending and play time. Whatever happens in the game should not be taken seriously. It's just a game. Win or lose, it happens. The younger generation must focus on studies and on other skillful activities rather than spending all of their time playing games. The gaming industry is growing rapidly in India and can also be a career option as a creator or esports player unless everything goes well, but studies are important . If you are doing things on a limited basis by managing all of your stuff, then it's OK. Regarding data security, it is really a concern. Hopefully it gets sorted with BGMI or whatever the applications that are operating in India. I hope this ban doesn't affect the esports and gaming community, including new upcoming gamers as there are still plenty of options to explore in PC & Mobile games.


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