BGMI unbanned? BGMI unban in India official statements

Krafton India has released an official statement addressing the current issue of BGMI ban in India. BGMI unban in India official statements.

Why BGMI was banned?

According to the findings by the LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies), the company could still be seeding data to the neighbouring country and sees it as a major threat to national security. According to reports, BGMI was removed from the Play Store or App Store by the government because it may be responsible for user data being sent to Chinese servers, which can be a threat to national security. The game is not permanently banned though, but final decision from the government is yet to come after Krafton complies with all the policies and regulations to operate in India.

BGMI unban

Chances of BGMI comeback?

It’s unclear whether Krafton will be able to relaunch BGMI in India, but as per updates we are getting, the game might comeback, but it will take time. Nothing is confirmed yet until final confirmation comes from the government.

Krafton has addressed the recent BGMI ban in the company’s quarterly earnings call. Krafton CFO Bae Dong-geun said, "We fully respect and understand the Indian government's concern and as we have been directly running the service based on stringent data security standards and monitoring. We will closely cooperate with the authorities to find ways for the users in India to keep enjoying BGMI."

Now, neither the game developer nor the Indian government has revealed the reason behind the soft ban yet.

The company has previously shared a statement about the BGMI ban in India and said that it is working with the Indian government to relaunch the game.

Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy has recently claimed that the BGMI ban is not permanent and it will be coming back soon. Nandy says " The ban was not immediate and the process took almost five months. An interim notice was apparently sent to Krafton by the government just one week before the ban." Nandy further said, "According to sources, Tik Tok is all set to make a comeback. In that case, BGMI will be back 100 percent."

The founders of Outlier Games, Story Pix, Lucid Labs, Roach Interactive, Godspeed Games, Uniplay Digital, and four other companies have signed a letter that mentioned India is lacking a robust gaming eco-system and global video gaming companies can help India achieve such an eco-system, also to treat everything equally. 

The letter said, "While capital and infrastructure are critical to the survival and development of the industry to thrive, the leading global video gaming companies with their experience and next-generation technology are needed to establish a robust gaming eco-system in India. Therefore, we seek uniform and fair treatment of all entities operating in India. "


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