About Us

The Geek Blogger is founded in 2020 by Shubham Paul.

The Geek Blogger is a one-stop solution for all your IT related curiosities, several how-to, tips, as well as a solution provider for all of your geeky queries. I also share about IT Job-related queries money-making tips & other kinds of stuff that we must know in the field of technology.

So, thegeekblogger.com is all about driving information towards you. I think you need to bring your whole self to the table if you wish to thrive in today’s crazy tech. I invite you to explore my web site, find out about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you similarly.

About the Author

Shubham Paul is a part-time blogger from Assam-India. An Electronics Engineer by choice and profession, he is passionate about writing articles on the latest trending technologies from around the world. His expertise lies in topics relating to 'Tips & Tricks', 'Tutorials', 'earning money online' etc.  He knows about Computers & Gadgets like the back of his hand. His favorite pastime is sharing his Information Technology knowledge among his friend circle. He is a firm believer if the fact that Data is Knowledge and Knowledge is power.

Apart from all the geeky stuff, Shubham loves to hang out  with his buddies and also loves to 'Netflix and Chill.'